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Voxengo Elephant - User Reviews

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Finally!  Thank you!  I've remixed or remastered allot of music recently using a varity of Voxengo products and the difference is amazing.  The plugins are well designed.  From TV commercials to Fantsatic 4 trailers to Christian music to Rap - these plugins give me the sound i hear in my head.


Winston Philip @

I had looked for a decent VST mastering limiter for quite a while.  After a lot of crappy sounding products flooded the market and some rather expensive tools started to break the sound barrier, Voxengo has managed to come up with the first plugin of it's kind I have heard that manages to sound extremely good and transparent at a reasonable price.

I often use the Elephant on TV material and therefore really love the high pass filter.  The versatile oversampling options are a really nice idea, too.

The only thing I miss is a 5.1 mode....

Oliver Lucas, listen!  Komposition und Ton GmbH

I recently purchased Elephant2, and I just wanted to let you know that I love this plugin.  I am currently mastering 18 tracks for a compilation CD for three bands (one of which is my own ;-).  I mastered several tracks using both Waves L2 and Elephant2 and let the bands decide which one they liked best (without telling them which was which).  Guess what: they both chose Elephant2!

Thanks for making this wonderful plugin available for such an affordable price!

Kees (Systema Synthetica)

I love all my Voxengo plugins.  My mastering chain is basically Crunchessor->CurveEQ->Elephant and the results are great.  Crunchessor also gets a lot of use when tracking since it can give a wide range of colors to my tracks.

I will definitely get some more stuff from Aleksey in the future.

Alfonso Alba (hobby musician)

The difference in some cases has been amazing -- at audibly equivalent levels, the combination of Polysquasher and Elephant beats any other combination I've ever used.  Cymbals sizzle and have real decay.  This is by far the most "musical" set of music production tools I've used.  In fact, the sound is so incredible I am going back and re-mastering a number of older projects -- all of our projects deserve this treatment.
Steve Hinchcliff - MLCNet, St.  Louis, MO, USA

Elephant is a class of its own, the best mastering limiter i could find after months of research.  It's able to gain 2-3 additional decibel without negatively shaping the material where other limiters already scrumble it.  It's the final word in my mastering chain, whatever leaves my studio ran through it.
Ronny Pries - Artist [ _rohformat | Hallo Records | Bash Records | thinner | realaudio ]

I'm a music producer from new york.i always master my tracks at the studio with hardware.But When it's time to make the final mix/master and digitally edit the final track.

I only Use the best of the Best.And let me tell you.Since i started Using the Voxengo Mastering Plugins.My Tracks Just Keep Sounding Better/crispy And The Final Results Are Just Amazing.

When Mastering my Music At The Ny Studio.I used the "Voxengo HarmoniEQ" To make the track more superior and to boost out some hidden KHZ for really stunnin results.

i only used the best mastering plugins.and by that i mean "voxengo Mastering Vst plugins"...

Alberto Ramirez

We find our Voxengo plug-ins to be valuable additions to our collection.  They sound fantastic, use very little CPU power and cost next to nothing.

They hold there own next to many of our much more expensive (and 'famous') plugs.

Thanks guys!  Keep up the good work!

Julian Russell - Owner/Engineer - Magpie Sound Design

Elephant is absolutely Megatronic!

Your products have consistently served me well, and I thank you for it.  Elephant is a home studio godsend.  Thanks from someone who really appreciates the quality of your work and how affordable you make it.
Dan Cray