About Voxengo

Voxengo is a registered trademark privately owned by Aleksey Vaneev (born December 31, 1979, in the Komi Republic, personal email aleksey.vaneev@gmail.com; "Vaneev" surname, pronounced "Vane-yev", is a Komi variant of Russian "Ivanov" surname which has a Western meaning of "Johan's son" or "Johnson").  Voxengo was started as a full-time commercial endeavor in December, 2002, after the release of its first successful equalizer plug-in - CurveEQ.  More than 40 commercial and freeware plug-ins were released since that time under Voxengo brand.  During these years Voxengo plug-ins were downloaded by millions of users worldwide.  Registered users are located in more than 100 countries.

Graphical user interface of the current generation of Voxengo plug-ins and this website were programmed by Vladimir Stolypko.

Current Voxengo logo was designed by Anders Hedström (Sweden).

Entrepreneur's (sole proprietor's) registration number (OGRNIP): 304110104300113

Tax INN: 110106637350

(Searchable at the Federal Tax Service of Russia)

Trademark registration number: 710262

(Searchable at fips.ru)

Aleksey Vaneev in 2016

Aleksey Vaneev's derivative-free math function optimization method BiteOpt took 2nd place in GECCO'2019 BBComp2019-1OBJ competition: BBComp2019-1OBJ

Free open-source projects by Aleksey Vaneev at GitHub:

A collection of A.Vaneev's tunes, composed in the years 1997-2000: