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Reverb Plugins, Spatial Imaging VST, VST3, AAX

DAW audio and music production AAX, AudioUnit, VST3, and VST reverb plugins (with fast plugin download links) for creating reverberation effects by means of convolution or algorithmically, and audio plugins designed for spatial imaging applications (including mono-to-stereo, pseudo-stereo, mid-side techniques).  Spatial imaging plugins and reverbs are based around the concept of "impulse response" (IR).  IR is a way a particular room or acoustic space responds to a sonic stimulus; IR is a static acoustical imprint.  IRs are best created via capturing (recording) process, to be used with a convolution reverb plugin.  In "algorithmic" spatial imaging plugins the spatial impression is created internally.  Algorithmic reverbs have a capability of producing a wide range of spatial impressions via a set of adjustable parameters.  Convolution reverbs can reproduce fixed spatial impressions stored in recorded IR WAV files.
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Lush and Wide Reverb

Stereo reverb effect plugin.  Produces a wide palette of reverb sounds requiring only a minimal effort from the user.  Great on just about any sounds and instruments, including bass.  Lush, natural, and wide reverb tails.

Noise Generator Plugin

Creative noise-padding effect plugin.  Produces an interesting Lo-Fi noise-padding special effect useful for electronic drum beats, synth sounds, basslines, and even mixes.

Creative Chorus Plugin

Stereo chorus effect plugin.  Water Chorus is able to produce stereo-widening and weird “watery” modulation effects, possibly with a flanger vibe.  Very smooth.

IR Deconvolution Tool

High-quality deconvolution software for impulse recovery of reverb, equalizer, speaker cabinet, etc.

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Classic Reverb Plugin

Reverb plugin that enhances the free OldSkoolVerb with a “spatial” module.  Provides a wide palette of high-density reverb sounds, ranging from plate to hall reverbs, with a bit of “resonant” or “metallic” edge to it.

Mono To Stereo Plugin

Audio effect plugin designed to spatially-enhance mono sounds and create the stereo, surround, and depth effects.

Stereo-Widener Plugin free

Free Stereo-widening effect plugin that can be used to add stereo width to audio tracks and samples.  Classic technique.

Mid-Side Transcoder Plugin free

Free Professional audio plugin for mid-side processing which is able to encode/decode mid-side signal, adjust levels inline, and display stereo information.

Old School Reverb Plugin free

Free Reverb plugin that implements a kind of “classic” stereo reverb algorithm which is technically simple yet optimal.  Provides a wide palette of reverb sounds, ranging from plate to hall.

Plugin Software Compatibility

Compatible 64-bit Mac OS and Windows PC VST, AudioUnit, AAX, VST3 plugin host software: Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, REAPER, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Studio One, OBS, Bitwig Studio, Nuendo, WaveLab, Vegas, SoundForge, GarageBand, Cakewalk, Adobe Audition, Samplitude, Digital Performer, Mixcraft, Edius, others.  Note that for Logic Pro you should download the "AU, AAX" package.