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Voxengo Elephant - User Reviews

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I record and master a lot of different types of projects.  I have the algorithmix plug-ins, two UAD 1 cards, just about every plugin you can think of.  I just started using the voxengo plugs and "wow", I can't believe how great they sound!!!  They do things to your signal that you strive for with expensive high end gear.

Keep on creating.

Mr.  Woo @ World Class Production

There's not much to say about the products.  They're just fantastic.

Can't really remember how I mastered in my pre Elephant days.

Just bought the convolution suite and looking forward to spending some quality time with it.

Roland Porath

i have tested the demo of the elephant just 5 minutes ago , tried to use some preset,s , clicked on punch+6db and boom!! a damn miracle!

it just elevated my whole mix, it,s feels like having it mastered profecionally.. off course there is a bleep in the demo version every 30 sec .. haha witch i completely understand.. but i am convinced and i want it as fast as possible.. go go voxengo

chris from prismaproductions

Professional, Transparent and Flexible!  That's all I can say in a summery and thats all you need to know about a limiter.Far better than the L2 or Fianl Plug.  I've never came across a limiter that has so many differnt shapes to it.  I just finished my own mastering for a local EP and this thing really shined.  The band wanted it LOUD and they got it with the greatest quality.  This matched up with Soniformer is heaven to use.
Scott R

I really tried a lot of limiting plugins and i really can say that Voxengo's Elephant2 is definitely the best limiting plugin out there.

While other limiters start to pump, distort or change the sound to unnatural frequencies, Elephant2 is adding a lot of punch and volume to the sound material, while keeping the signal warm and clean.

That's how it should be!

Alex Pfeffer, Composer & SoundDesigner - The CellarRoom

I'm a mastering engineer and I review plug-ins for the leading Dutch musicians's magazine Music Maker.  Voxengo Elephant was the first plug-in I bought right after reviewing it because of it's direct, yet warm & transparent sound.  The different limiter modes help to get the best out of every mix, no matter the sound.  It is way better than some very expensive limiters I own.  You simply get more level without squashing.
Jeroen Schilder

Well this is a very strange point of view I have achivied after trying out

the Voxengo mastering tools.They sound superb in confront to others.I don't want to repeat myself but Soniformer and Elephant have given the results of a TC Electronic master (or even better).So I now look at the audio world in another way -There are some things in life that money can't buy,even your talent and devotion to the audio world- Your intelectual property should cost more and more but you kept this simple.Well I am astonished with Curve EQ and Lampthruster which gave us the ability to throw some tube racks out the window.And finaly r8brain Pro and Free that helped to over come the need to by those expensive and bother some converters that seems to me just take up space and confort.A big thank you from a young composer but very careful to sound quality and final products.You made it people transparency,clarity,punch,artistic design,warmth and consistency will have the VOXENGO stamp over them for a long time

Dreeny Iscmakou

A word on Elephant.  I use quite an array of plug-in processors and effects(within my DAW) in my work.  Some are very expensive and do an incredibly professional job (provided you take the time to learn how to use them).  Heres one of them with a slight exception.

Elephant is an excellent track limiter.  Especially for rhythm and drum tracks.  Acceptional control with a silky, yet somewhat nuetral sound.  Its user friendly with a simple, but effective interface.

The exception.........its not one of the more expensive products.  The results just sound like it.

I have been very pleased in using several of the Voxengo processors in different professional projects.  After learning what they do well ( and they do alot ), sound sculpting becomes that much easier. feelings tell me that this company isn't going to rest on its laurels and there are further treats to come.

MD Valentine Pro

I'm using Voxengo products from some hours but I'm already familiar with them getting back great sounds and extraordinary response!  All controls are complete and intuitive, presets can help you to start immediately.  You can handle your audio material how your mind wants and your heart feel.  You will obtain amazing results forging your tracks as you desire.  Definitely, Voxengo audio tools are essential to my studio setup!
Mistheria - Keyboard player, composer, arranger - Italy

Amazing...simply amazing.  I recently purchase the Mixing Suite from Cakewalk and Elephant from here.  Both purchases were made two days ago.  So far I've only used GlissEQ and Elephant, and I am amazed.  The things I thought I had to live with were made right by GlissEQ.  Elephant is superb.  It can be adjusted to 1/10th of a decible with ease.  The controls on Elephant are designed so as I adjust the knobs with the mouse the knobs move slowly on the screen.  So if I want 2.3db out I don't have to settle for 2.5 because Elephant glides smoothly to where I want it.  Aleksey Vaneev you've changed the world and don't even know it.
Jason Washington