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I was looking for a high-quality, transparent mastering plugin which would give me clean, tight control of my music and podcast recordings.

Elephant gave me all the control and punch I wanted, combined with transparency and clarity.  Thanks Aleksey for your work on version 3, Elephant's a beautiful product at a very attractive price.

Dave Braidy, Museum of Techno

The Voxengo guys really have struck the right balance here between controls and automation so that, with very few tweaks and a little foreward planning, results are coming in fast.  And they are good results!

I bought Elephant during the final mastering stage of our latest album, to add those few extra dBs for punch and playability, and this little plugin with its intuitive interface did just that, and did it well.  The transparancy up to +3dB gain is excellent provided the appropriate limiting algorhithm is pushed into action.

There may be even more accomplished limiters out there.  But they probably cost multiples of what this baby retails for.  For the money, nothing beats it.

Tom, Blue Flux,

I just wanted to say how amazing these Plug Ins are!  I have been using Soniformer for some time as a mastering compressor and thought it was excellent, but there was still something missing from my finished product.  I have now added Curve EQ and Elephant to the mastering lineup and WOW!  By matching the EQ curve to a captured curve from a sound you like, then compressing with Soniformer and limiting with Elephant I am producing final recordings that sound stunning.  These Plug Ins are superior to "commercial" products costing ten times more.  Thanks for these fantastic plug ins!
David Hines, Seltaeb Music, Sydney Australia

I've used/designed/studied limiters for years.  This is a remaining "black art" in audio.  Its easy to make a limiter to contain peak levels as long as you don't care how it smashes transients.  Its easy to design a limiter that pretty much preserves transients if you don't care about perceived loudness.  A limiter with "hot" output which still preserves the transients is unusual.  Elephant does this better than any limiter I've ever encountered at any price.  People are suspicious of low-priced products, usually for a good reason.  In this case, don't be.  Check this limiter out!  I don't know all the magic behind this one but its real.  Again, best limiter I've ever heard.
Bill Thompson, Ashly Audio Inc.

I consider the Voxengo Elephant Limiter to be the most smooth, natural sounding limiter anywhere.  It performs circles around Waves L2 which everyone seems to be using just because everyone else has it.  The results from Elephant speak for themselves.

As a professional masteringstudio i'm looking all the time for the best limiter.

After comparing the Elephant 3 seriously with all the State-of-the Art-Limiters on the marked i use now the Elephant 3 on nearly all of my masterings.

The El-Uni-Algo ist fantastic;

more punch, less distortion, less side-effects & less harshness than all the "big names"!

Dan Suter,

I've been using L1, L2 and then the "mighty" L3 Multi at the end of countless chains for countless projects- from the modest sound-byte, the neato car commercial, the ending credits for a movie, etc...anywho, I have done a lot of "finishing" work for all sorts of music/sound related stuff.  I thought I was good and then: enter Elephant- holy crap, it looks cheap but whatever, it delivers the goods and imo should be making the people at waves and digi have some sleepless nights.  I've recorded countless songs in my own studio and have been recorded myself at some pretty big name places with some big-shot producers, you know the type, they have a closet full of vintage u-47's and will not shut up about their studer 2 inch 16track machines (I know, I love them too!)- even though secretly they have like, 10 macs with a million gigs of ram and eat EWQL's 165 gigabyte orch samples for breakfast---point being, I got into this world first through Bach than punk and jazz and so forth and was always a super sound freak as well as a computer dork.  I know what sounds good and what sounds great- and I gotta say, Elephant is actually the best software of it's kind I have come across bar-none.  End of discussion.  I've had masters done by many people and places including the venerable abbey road and well, I must say that Elephant can hang with the best of them.  I can't wait to get some of Voxengo's other plugs 'cause if they are of Elephant quality, well then- my 6000$ Waves Bundle may find it's way into the trashcan some time in the near future.  You guy's are great!  In this world of endless terrible garageband/reason one click music, it's really refreshing to come across a plug that actually does have "Sound with a Soul".  Excellent work.
Drea Tero Fields

I use Voxengo Elephant on all my mixdowns to get them gelled and nice and loud without losing the dynamics.  While I like the transparency of this plugin, I love how easy it is to use the best.  Also, one of the best things about this plug, is the price point.  Costing leagues less than the equivalent in results.  This is a no brainer and should be used by everyone.  Very good job with this top notch plugin.
t1mp -

Well I'm certainly glad I found your plug-ins.  I found it hard to believe the hype surrounding your Elephant plug-in.  Nothing this cheap could really match waves L3.  I was wrong.  This plug-in has equaled L3 and in many cases, surpassed it.  It is now my first choice for mastering and I think it shines on orchestral recordings.  Give it a shot; I think you won’t be disappointed.

Quick note:

Boogex rocks

Pristine Space is awesome


To begin, let me say that I love virtual synths but rarely get excited about virtual EQs and Compressors - until I bought something called the Soniformer.  This is really one of the coolest dynamic plugins I have ever used and it has pretty much replaced my use of the C-4.  The degree to which you can control the dynamics and frequencies of your sound is simply unlike any other plugin.  I've also recently acquired the Gliss and Curve EQs (not to mention a few others).  Not only do they all sound amazing, but the ability to control their parameters in such a graphic way and visually get feedback as to how much you are affecting the sound is really awesome.

When it comes to dynamic processors, a lot of companies design plugins that are boring and sound dull.  One of the things that I love about the Voxengo products (in addition to their great sound) is their ability to harness the vast capabilities that a computer has in processing digital audio.  Aleksey seems to understand that since your working with digital audio you can do some really unique things to polish and enhance the sound that you might not be able to do with traditional EQing and Compression, and this is where plugins like Soniformer and Gliss EQ are a breath of fresh air for audio.

As a young, aspiring producer, I've been fortunate to have worked on a wide variety of audio related projects from writing music for indie films (Flying Tiger, StagBunny), voiceovers for EA (Superman Returns), to appearing on some well respected electronic music compilations.  I'm also a Pro-Tools Lab Instructor for Advanced Workstations at Full Sail and since discovering the Voxengo products they have made their way into every one of my projects and will continue to do so in the future.  Other Audio Instructors in our department use them and I highly recommend them to my students as well.  Thanks Aleksey for such great sounding and "ingenuitive" plugins.  Sound with a Soul indeed!

Josh Money \ Advanced Audio Workstations, FullSail Real World Education \