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Hey Alexsey and Team,

I purchased Elephant yesterday, and mastered my first project with it today.  I just want to let you know what a pleasure it was using Elephant as my master limiter.  Previously a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the loudness processing of my tracks, but Elephant made it a breeze.

The control over the transient response is transcendental, and I know after one day that I could never live without it.

It's not until you've done it the hard way that you really appreciate the kind of programming that makes a plugin incredible.  This plugin is incredible.


Jon Törnblom, Transparent Mastering

Elephant is my loudness limiter of choice.  What it does to my mixes is truly astounding!  I would have paid 4 times the amount for this plug in.  Looking at the big picture, Elephant makes more of an impact on my mixes than any microphone or preamp.  Its the only plug in that I absolutely can't live without.  I was using PSP Vintage Warmer and Mastercomp, but once I experienced Elephant's transparency, I was hooked.  This is the only plugin that I consistently recommend.  Buy it now!
Jon Moore

I just want to comment on Voxengo products we use here in the studio.I would say lately they have been the "go-to" plugs we've been using.The Curve EQ,Soniformer,Elephant have replaced all the "big name-big price" plugs that keep getting all the talk.Extremely warm,versitile, and analog.The compliments I've been receiving have been satisfied clients and "How did you get that sound?" We are lucky to have a company and a creator
Steve Moore-Musician/Engineer-Too Fast Records

What's there to say?

The Elephant is the only limiter I know that can take the Moderus remix of the GHIII stems of Death Magnetic and make it as loud as Rubin's/Jensen's version....without the clipping!!

Seriously, one of the nicest guys with the best plugins anywhere.  Wish he lived nearby so i could peer over his shoulder while he codes these masterpieces...

Wayne Mitzen

In sound quality, I believe Elephant 3 far surpasses the Sony Oxford Limiter, it also costs 75% less AND doesn't weigh my laptop down with another silly dongle!
Dax Liniere, Puzzle Factory Sound Studio, Sydney, Australia

I messed around with dozens of plug ins for a week trying to get a difficult mix to "pop".  I loaded up Elephant and BOOM, my mix came alive.  I'm sold and I'll be back!
Kevin Woelfel, practitioner & educator

Just a quick note to say how outstanding the Elephant 3 limiter is!  Since I began using this highly capable tool, it has replaced my much more expensive "L" series limiters.  Further more, I conducted my own tests between Elephant 3, and the two other main limiters I had been using.

To my ears, Elephant 3 is more transparent and more natural sounding, hands down.  Excellent plug-in.  Highly Recommended!  Thanks very much to Aleksey and all at Voxengo!

Alan Willey,

Voxengo's plugins have always had a fabulous transparent sound which has become part of the Calamity Studio work process.  Gliss is our 'got to' channel EQ, Soniformer and Elephant are part of our regular mastering chain.

But now that Aleksey is leading the way by providing x64 supported versions of all his new plugs we will be purchasing every new release from now on.

Paul Russell

I mainly use Marquis and Pristine Space light.  For me Marquis is one of the best comps out there since it covers a lot of different compressor types and it's very tweakable.  Pristine Space has all I want in a convolution plug.  I also have some of the more expensive stuff in my plugin folder but Voxengo holds its ground and gets used in every mix I do.

I must say I really like this approach to plugins.  Feature rich, plain but useful GUI's and some unique ideas.  Not to forget the fair prices.

Keep up the good work!


I wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with the Elephant 3.  I am now working at Masterdisk in NYC and using the Elephant 3 to master projects almost everyday.  As an Elephant user from ver 1, it's always been a great product, but with this latest release you have taken it to a new level of audio excellence!

Thank you.

Dave McNair