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Voxengo Elephant - User Reviews

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After much research into digital limiters, i kept on reading how in test after test voxengo's elephant was always rated as the best.

After demoing it i soon came to the same conclusion.  It is highly flexible and ideal for situations where punch and clarity are needed at modern volume levels.  It can also be very transparent.

Elephant is now our mastering studio's default limiter.  Thanks for a great product!

David Else : Head Mastering Engineer :

Voxengo is one of these rare plugin developers who offers high quality professional audio software at a really fair price.  I tried their limiter, Elephant 2 some years ago and I just bought Elephant 3, released in September 2008.

Voxengo Elephant is a mastering limiter plug-in for professional music production applications.  I tried some other limiters but Elephant, despite is name, is really transparent and discrete and can add some loudness without the usual side-effects, used sparingly like with every limiter of course!

For The Field Where She Died, I’m using another Voxengo plugin which is a mastering comp called the Polysquasher (I love this name!!).  It’s a “glue comp” which is really transparent and brings more cohesion to the mix.  I find that Elephant and Polysquasher work really great together and are a great and low cost way to finalize your songs, preserving their natural feel and dynamics.

There’s also a free EQ which is quite interesting: The Overtone EQ.

I’m really curious to try other plugins from Voxengo like the GlissEQ, a mastering EQ which seems to be really appreciated here and there!

Spleen Arcana (Facebook User Note)

Thanks so much for the HarmoniEQ update.  It sounds amazing.  I'm finally getting the sounds on my songs that I've been trying to get for years.  I use it in my mastering chain.  It gives me a airy presence that's not harsh.  The compressed settings are just great.  They give me a smoothness that I've been looking for for my solo classical guitar pieces that have been difficult in the past.

The mastering chain I've been using recently, all Voxengo, is Tapebus, CurveEQ, Polysquasher (also a great update-wow!), HarmoniEQ, Elephant.  I've been having a lot of success with that combo but I'm wondering if you have any suggestions or feedback about it.  Thanks for your great work.

Pete Devine (posted on HarmoniEQ forum)


Just wanted to say thanks, Voxengo.  Since I discovered the Elephant, and later the Stereo Touch, I use these plug-ins almost exclusively in their respective fields.  Can't imagine living without those anymore.  A huge thank you.

Lige Bange

Hey all..I just upgraded from the demo version of the Elephant mastering limiter, and I am impressed do far.  It's WAAY better than the mastering limiter that came standard with Sonar 8, that I've stopped using that one altogether except for extremely mild limiting cases.  The Elephant limiter is so much more musical sounding and punchy than my stock limiter that I can immediately hear a very noticeable difference.  Congratulations to Voxengo for pimping me out, because now I'm going to have to but some of their other plug ins too.
rkopald (posted on Elephant forum)

I got surprise when I listen to it.  I guess I have to get it for my studio for sure :-)


Voxengo Elephant is amazing.  If I recall, it was my pal (and noteworthy NY-based Mastering Engineer) that originally recommended it to me.  Very tough to beat when it comes to those occasions when you want hot levels, while retaining overall impact.
George Seara - Mixer / Recording Engineer - Toronto, Canada

Woaaa - I just updated Elephant to the latest version as well as I purchased the new Harmony EQ...  I am completely blown away by the Harmony EQ - there was always that cryptic "boost" knob in the old version - which usually sounded great, but was not really controllable - so I usually ended up not using it.  Now with the new Dynamic Section as well as the realtime analyzer..  Wow!

In addition I just stepped over the graph feature in Elephant.  Great great great!!  Ok - watching a waveform has nothing to do with mastering..  But I do love to watch that.  I am most sure we all do that..  Before I had to open an exported masterfile in Wavelab, haha - now I can see what is going on :)) Now that is really a cool feature!!


Christoph Brandes - Iguana Studios Germany

Quite simply, Elephant 3 is the best limiter I have ever heard - vastly outperforming my current one in terms of transparency (I'd better not say which one it is - but it costs a lot more than Elephant!)

It has so many excellent features which make it very easy to tailor the perfect sound for my masters.  And yet, despite having so many variables, the clear layout, innovative metering graphs and incredibly well designed preset modes make it an absolute joy to use straight away.

The only downside is that now - I'm redoing the last CD I mastered.  Not because my client was unhappy, but because I know it will sound SO much better with an Elephant sat on it.  Thanks very much to Aleksey and his team for this marvelous piece of software.

Hue Jah Fink? - Mastering Engineer, and Creative Director at

I downloaded the demo version of the Elephant limiter and immediately my mixes required less effort.  I suffer from the all too common ailment of having a hell of a time getting my mixes to sit in the upper and lower mids while still being punchy.  After demoing Elephant, I've realized that I've been wasting a LOT of time tweaking EQ plugins and other not so good mastering tools to get my mixes to translate.  After using the Elephant plugin on some "problem child" projects I had, they went from being a "maybe" to "Total Destruction Of The Universe."

Voxengo might as well be selling highly addictive illicit substances, because you're going to feel like a junkie when you've experienced this plugin.  You'lll want more and more...

R Kopald...