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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ Gliss EQ 3.4.1 possible minor bug?

Sorry for my english,i try to explain.

Open a new project in sonar 8.5.1, insert a track file and insert gliss eq.

i use points (1 to 5) to make a random EQ changin frecuency band (per point and gain).

I dont use envelopes to automate parameters.The frecuency band are statics.

I save the project,Reopen and all works ok....but the point 5 dont have the same saved frecuency band in the project is a high frecuency (for example the point 5 has saved as 660 mhz and when reopen the point 5 said 660 mhz but the real frecuency is 8000 hz.

The problem is only with the point 5,(1,2,3 and 4 are ok).

I dont know if the problem is the same in another DAW,i use sonar 8.5.1

I can reproduce the problem every time I do the same.

Thanks and sorry for my english

I'm not able to reproduce this problem.  Make sure you have not actually added automation track for 5th point by accident.
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