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I did want to mention that I find your products to work very, very well.  I post a number of docu-drama shows as well as some music.  I am finding myself forgoing my hardware based plugs and using your Voxformer, and Soniformer in those same slots.  I had a producer comment a couple of weeks ago, during a mix of his show; he asked how I was able to get the on camera dialog to be so clear in the midst of a great number of fx and music cues.  I pointed out the before and after using your Voxformer plug as an insert on the dialog channels.  He was very impressed with the difference.  This was one of those shows where the location audio guy had been let go after shooting for several days and I had to still make the dialog work.

Anyway, thanks for making these plugs available.

Phil Peters, Audio Post/DVD Authoring

I'd heard nothing but good things about Voxengo plugins, but had never tried them for myself, thinking "eh, they're just more audio plugins, I've got a folder full of them".  Man, was I wrong.  I first tried Pristine Space, and then purchased the Light version when it was released, as it was perfect for my needs.  I was immediately impressed with the detailed tweakability, which allowed me to perfectly customize reverb impulses.  While I was on the site, I also downloaded the Voxformer demo.  I tried it out on the lead vocals of a track that I'd recorded and mixed a couple of weeks earlier, and THE VERY FIRST PRESET I pulled up sounded ten times better than the EQ and compression I'd spent hours tweaking on the original mix (and I'm talking about well-known, high quality plugins).  Right of the bat I was getting smooth, airy vocal tones that I'd never been able to acheive before.  Three or four minutes of tweaking and I was sold.  Voxformer is quite simply the best plugin for vocals I've ever heard.  Like a great piece of analog hardware, it's hard to make it sound bad.  Anywhere I twisted the knobs sounded fantastic.  I'm no expert engineer, but I've been a working musician for nearly twenty years, and this plugin delivers precisely what I need: great sound without a lot of hassle (and without breaking my wallet).  I'll definitely be a return customer.  The hard part will be deciding what to get next!  Thanks for the fantastic sound.
Robert Fegley, Luzonaphone Media, Austin, Texas

Last August a friend of mine who mixes and engineers in Nashville (Ocean Way, The Sound Kitchen, the Carport, etc..) had totally recommended the Voxformer plug-in as a worthy investment (he's a Nuendo user and I'm still Logic on a PC).  I had visited your site and heard good reports, but just never downloaded anything.  So I was playing a session this week and the same guy engineered - when I asked what his fav "go-to" plug-in was, he said (without any pause!) "Voxengo Voxformer-killer channel strip".  Soooo...I bought it today after a long extended 2 or 3 minute trial use.  Guys - this sounds like a real analog channel - this rules.  I am just amazed - on snare it's snapping and focused-totally cool.  Thanks for a great (did I say killer?) product.  Now do I have to try more of your stuff?  Is this like an addiction?  Thanks - and yes - it's the best deal ever in the plug-in world.
Tim Bushong

Voxformer is my first call channel strip for vocals.  I use a MOTU 828 MKII as the pre-amp stage for a Rode NT-1A and route it through Creamware Scope via ADAT into Cubase SX3 or Sonar 4PE and Antares Mic-Modeler.  I generally create a preset for each vocalist and call that up for recording.

I cannot tell you how amazing this sounds.  It sounds better than the UA-LA, Avalon and Focusrite hardware.  Hard to beleive but the recordings are the proof.  Amazingly, it does this for a ridiculously low price point by comparison.  I have been skeptical that plug-ins could sound so great, but the proof is that the hardware sits on the shelf and when clients come in all I have to do is load up their presets and we're ready to go in a flash.  I have also used Voxformer and Mic-Modeler to match recordings done in other studios with high end hardware.  While this takes a bit of time it is amazing that a convincing match can be done with the software only.

Ron Benvenisti

I was searching a pro audio forum one day trying to find a good noise reduction plugin.  Someone made the comment to get over the "free" plugin mentality and spend money on a quality plugin.  He suggested that Redunoise was unbelievable for the money with outstanding, accurate quality.  I tried the demo and quickly purchased it.  I have now also added PSL, Voxformer, CurveEQ, and Lampthruster to my line up.  The results are so perfectly musical!  And the prices are unheard of.  I wonder how much I would need to spend on external gear to end up with the same sonic results.  And all the plugins travel so nicely on my laptop when I'm out of the studio.  These plugins are worth far more than is charged.  Voxengo gives me the perfect sound every time.  I cannot say enough about the value and quality of each plugin I've tried.  Good work Voxengo.
Timothy Galdunick -