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Thank you for this great freebee.  Since a little comes a long way in certain situations it would be really great to have a smaller operation range like +/- 3 db for the sliders.

Have used all the free plugins at some point in pretty much every song I have done lately.

I have collected hundreds of free plugins over the years but always turn to the voxengos.

Many thanks voxengo folk.

Peachy / Blue Mushroom Recordings

You guys are AWESOME and your plugs rock!

We here at Irie Lab Sound are all about helping starving artists turn out great demos (often for only pizza and beer).  Thanks from me and from them and keep up the good work.

Bill McMaster

I can't believe you have all these fantastic sounding plugins for free - EQs, amp simulations, reverbs etc - I use Sonar 5 to create and record my music - your plugins are of equal value and some sound even better than those supplied with sonar 5.  Don't get me wrong I love sonar 5 but your free plugins are now the icing on the cake.  Thanks.  I will be definately be looking into your other plugins in the future. cheers Lesley
Lesley Watt

After seeing the Voxengo name in various forums, I decided to have a look for myself.  I had no idea what I was missing...until now.  I own a number of competing products, but haven't heard anything quite like these plugins.  They look different and come with funny names, but don't let that fool you.  They're extremely musical and achieve great results.  Within hours of purchasing and installing the Mixing Suite, I have created what is probably my finest mix to date!
Bill Whitney - studio owner, multi-instrumentalist, founding member of Refrigerator Door

Your Marvel EQ (free!) is superb.  Sooo easy to use, lots of clean functionality.
Claudio Vidal

My rig includes several Voxengo plugs, and I've just got the Marvel EQ.  It sounds quite transparent.  I think it will be really useful for various LF instruments especially.  My one regret at this point is that it doesn't include a high pass filter, since all the others in my Nuendo system are not linear.

I am very impressed with this site and like how regular emails arrive mentioning products and product changes.  I have a home studio and use Sonar HS 6XL as my DAW.  The Voxengo plug ins such as EssEQ, and Stereo Touch have worked great - no clitches.  I have not yet made a major purchase of a plug-in, but getting very close !!!!!
Charles Silverman

Wow!!!!!!  I just DL most of the free products, you guys are awesome!!  I run my own recording studio "BIG DUMMY RECORDING" and used all effects on my own music and love them.  All are simple to operate and work beautifully, I will recommend others about your products.  Thank you very much for the sonic enhancements, Joe from BIG DUMMY.

Does exactly what it's supposed to do.  This has cut the time it takes me to equalize drums well in half.  Very responsive.
josh frazier