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I just bought this plugin, and have to say it's absolutely brilliant!

For years now, I have been using some plugins that came with my DAW, which I had become accustomed to.  I have always struggled to get my mixes to sound sufficiently loud without making them sound squashed.

As soon as I tried Elephant for the first time, I could hear the difference that this plugin could make to my work.  Elephant is truly amazing - it is incredibly transparent, and the metering and graphing options come in very handy too.

Thanks so much for such a great product!  I'd recommend Voxengo Elephant to anyone who needs super high quality buss compression.

hakimila (posted on Elephant forum)

I bought Soniformer years ago and never regretted did more than I really expected it to do, and after using it on so many videos we produced it has proven to be one of my top plug-in choices.  Aleksey has always been very helpful and he produces some of the best audio tools available.  Don't hesitate to purchase any of his programs - you'll be very pleased that you did!
Alan Bookmiller

Amazing product !! and its free what a great thing !

Thank you Voxengo


Voxengo Elephant is amazing.  If I recall, it was my pal (and noteworthy NY-based Mastering Engineer) that originally recommended it to me.  Very tough to beat when it comes to those occasions when you want hot levels, while retaining overall impact.
George Seara - Mixer / Recording Engineer - Toronto, Canada

It looks as if my favourite analyser has just got better and now for mac au as well.  This is simply one of the best out there and amazingly it's free.  Thanks Voxengo..

After much research into digital limiters, i kept on reading how in test after test voxengo's elephant was always rated as the best.

After demoing it i soon came to the same conclusion.  It is highly flexible and ideal for situations where punch and clarity are needed at modern volume levels.  It can also be very transparent.

Elephant is now our mastering studio's default limiter.  Thanks for a great product!

David Else : Head Mastering Engineer :

This plugin simply gets some of the most use in my studio.  It's always my first go-to for any vocal track.  I have a number of other expensive plugins including some pretty elaborate vocal channel strip plugs, and though I can definitely get great sounds from them this plug just always sounds "right".  Everything is there to adjust quickly and the results are always great.  Thanks for making another great product!
Eric Matlock - Producer/Engineer Slowrain Studios in Truckee, Ca

Marquis is still the best plugin compressor out there.  By far.  When it first came out, I loved it so much I sold my UAD-1 card.  Over the past couple of years, plenty of new sh@t-hot comps have come out.  And I eventually sold my Marquis license.  Juggling the latest and greatest 64 bit compressors eventually left me wanting (hardware?) I downloaded the Marquis demo again.  Instant purchase.  Again.  Send in the Marquis 2 64 bit version!
Jeff Sanders

I got surprise when I listen to it.  I guess I have to get it for my studio for sure :-)


One of my most used Voxengo plug-ins (besides Cakewalk's Perfect Space).

Voxformer really took a shine when you went from version 1 to version 2.

It works perfectly for controlling vocal tracks and getting them to sound upfront yet smooth without putting 5 plug-ins in my effects bin.

The oversampling also makes a big difference in increasing the quality of the plug-in (as well as for all of the Voxengo plug-ins that have this feature).  I go to 2x usually.

jlgrimes (posted on Voxformer forum)