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How is "makeup" working?  It doesnt work as in other known compressors?

I see in Sonalksis, Kjaerhus and others, that the "curve" with autogain ends at 0db.

Auto gain tries to accomodate changes you by means of the transfer function.  For example, at ratio 1:1 there is NO auto gain change.

It works OK as far as I know (it does not allow compressor to be too loud or too quiet) - but you may still need to use the Out gain.

Ok, yes it works... but completely other then I aspected.  As I understand from the usermanuel from the Sonalksis Comp:

"the makeup-gain is calculated to ensure that a steady-state 0dB input signal will have a 0dB output level, regardless of the compression threshold or ratio"

All compressors I demoed with autogain works in the same manner- Marquis not.  Is not an error, but something curious :)

I calculate autogain differently - I use average of several input to output level ratios.  This usually makes autogain much more stable.

excatly.  When you turn autogain on in sonalksis, it becomes louder than without the plug, so it looks like your way is more correct.

I have exactly the same problem.

Usually, if you work with low threshold to get the compressor working harder and fetch deeper into the sound and have autogain on, you get the desired loudness maximization.

With many sound sources I tried it seems, that the more you tweek the threshold level downwards, the quiter(!) the sound gets, just the opposite of how it usually works ( with gain adjusted properly of course, e.g.  0dBFS before processing, 0dBFS after)

If you have extremely quiet material with heavy dynamcs, Marquis works as expected though.

This may be a very powerfull tool, but I have to admit, that I couldn´t get it working properly yet.

As a comparison: With the crunchessor or the elephant, you push the input, compress the peaks, adjust the gain to fair level and the signal appeards louder than before.

With Marquis this seems to be very complicated to acchieve.

I understand your concerns.  But I really think it's better not to add enough autogain than overdo it.  In most cases you need to adjust the output gain beside any autogain, so I do not clearly see a problem here.

I think Marquis way of doing the auto-gain is MUCH better than anything else.  All the other compressors completely over do it.  Tmm, it's just an illusion.  Like in sonalksis, it often pushes into 'clipping' (not really clipping as it's 64 bit internal).  One always ends up turning down the output volume of the plugin whereas in marquis you rarely have to touch the output volume and when you do, it's usually just a few dB plus or minus.

- bManic

I agree with bmanic, i haven't had any problems adjusting gain.

Yes, you are right, with (additional) manual gain it "feels" more like a conventional compressor.

What I still don´t understand is, why the typical compressor performance seems to come out only, if you have set at least a little bit of DRY and FORCE .

With 0% Dry and 0% Force the behaviour is still a miracle to me.

But with both set to 10-40%, I got some good results on lead instruments like synths or saxophone.

On drums, IMO it is very difficult to use, if you want to push them forward (although there´s one preset "Mix Bus Pusher", which was quiet nice).

Crunchessor or Elephant may be not that flexible, but they fit better here IMO.

For non percussion & beat based instruments I also like the tape simulation of the analog flux suite very much.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.