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Voxengo Marquis Compressor

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Good sound, good presets.  It takes no more than a minute to find a setting.
Worldjazz Play Along

Voxengo is a great compressor, which you already know, I'm sure:-) Because there are a lot of parameters, it takes a while to learn where the special place is, but when you do, you can go anywhere from simple control to a signature sound for a particular vocalist.  Also, using the key feature, you can achieve nice deesing at the same stage as the overall compression; similar to to using a treble boosted signal to key the sidechain of a hardware compressor (as opposed to hard multiband compression de-essing, which many plug-in de-essers used).  This seems to work for many vocalists.
Fred Korkosz, Servant Records

I love the fact that Aleksey doesn't assume which platform his users are making music on.  Instead, he offers plugins for several platforms, including Vista x64, which is a big plus for me.  Thanks, Voxengo!
Ian Anderson
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