Custom Drum Tracks
We are no longer accepting custom drum track recording orders, we are sorry for a possible inconvenience.


"Great drum track!  Has just the feel I was looking for.  ThanX much!" Andy Wiest

"Thanks so much, the sound is great, the playing is superb and it's given me ideas for the song that I never would have thought of.  I can't wait to get my bass player in and start overdubbing." Stewart Sibley

"Hello, Thank you very much.  I'm very happy about the result.  Certainely i'll send to you anothers songs when my project will be ready." Pascal Rinaldi

"Thanks again Max for another great job.  Your embellishments and accents are perfect for the song, can't wait to get this project finished.  This makes the fifth song you have played on.  More to come." Dick Kohles

"Hey guys! thanx for helping my recordings get a great professional sound!  I appreciate so much the effort made to respect the details I specified in the instructions I wrote for the drummer for each song!  I've been recomending this service to all my musican friends since the 1st song I sent you!  Keep up the brilliant work!" Pablo Kutnowski

"Thanks for the good work !  I've found your service by chance, visiting the voxengo website and I'm really pleased by the result.  The drum tracks were recorded amazingly fast and follow well my songs.  I'll come back !" Alfa

"I've used Voxengo's Custom Drum Track Recording Service a number of times; sometimes with a clear guide track to be copied, sometimes with a track to be improved and sometimes with only a click track.  Each time Voxengo have provided excellent drum tracks which help to give the songs the touch of class they require (and all without having to mic up a drum kit or suffer the time in a studio it takes to get a drummer to play what the song needs).  The service is professional, quick and exceedingly good value for money.  Also whereas some other drum recording services give you a mixed stereo file, Voxengo give you all the tracks of your drum part for you to further produce should you see fit.  The playing is of really high standard and the drummer clearly puts a lot of thought and effort into the track, and as you'd expect from Voxengo, the recording quality and sound of the kit is great.  I am sure that many albums will start to appear that have used this service, it really allows the home studio to be professional.  Highly recommended." Laurence Suckling, "The Unknown Island"

"I used this service for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  I was impressed with the extremely easy and professional website, allowing a wide range of choices for drumming styles, equipment, etc.  Uploading my own files for the drummer to work with was very easy, and a couple of days later I received a pre-final file which sounded great.  I then got 8 files of the recorded tracks from different drums in the kit.  Top quality professional service, a great drummer, and terrific value for money." Peter Wibaux, Portugal

"Great job on the drums.  I like your style, and the quality of the recording is great.  I will definitely be a repeat customer. ...  Anyway, I should be back in a couple of weeks with another song.  Thanks again." Darin Jones

"Max, you nailed it.  Great job.  Thanks very much." Jamie

"Excellent work!!!! i have more tracks coming for you Max." Amor Fati

"This is a fabulous service, very professional in terms of song submission, and the playing is just right.  The quality of the recording however is the stand out, cymbals are very well recorded with nice 'air' around them.  Very highly recommended." Steve Lees