Custom Drum Tracks
We are no longer accepting custom drum track recording orders, we are sorry for a possible inconvenience.

How copyright is handled?

(The following information is effective since June 27th, 2010)

You will receive the full exclusive worldwide rights (copyright) without time limitation, to the drum tracks created for you by us.  The rights you receive are royalty-free.  While this is not obligatory, Aleksey Vaneev and the drummer will be happy to sign an additional royalty contract if you desire so.

For the song where the drum track created by us is used, the relevant credit can be given in a similar manner: "the drums in the song were played by {drummer's name} and recorded via drum recording service in YYYY (year of service)".  Such credit can be given with any printed material that accompanies the song distribution, or in any suitable place or media, usually credits section (if such place or media is available at all; the "crediting" is non-obligatory).

You may also choose an appropriate option when placing your order to allow us to use your "Song track" mixed with your "Drum track" and the recorded drums for demonstration purposes of our service (we will use only a part of your song).