Custom Drum Tracks
We are no longer accepting custom drum track recording orders, we are sorry for a possible inconvenience.

Is this service right for you?

In most cases, yes, this service is exactly what you need - whether you are an individual musician or a music producer.  Our ordering system gives you a lot of options for order customization - you can choose from 4 snare drums, and set a lot of playing style nuances the drummer should follow.

However, if you are into deep drum pattern customization with a desire to define every single drum hit, this service may not be suitable to you.  When you are submitting an order you should have a bit of "tolerance" to how the drummer plays.  Due to the "outsourcing" nature of this service the drummer cannot fulfil your every tiny drumming idea, instead the drummer relies on their own experience and your drum track.

Another reason for not using the drum recording service is your song's subjective drum sound requirement.  Not all songs need real drums, because if the song has a better impact with "techno drums" feeling, the drummer usually can't implement it.  On the other hand, the recorded drums can be quantized in software like Sonar 7 to provide a necessary "strictness" of drum hits timing.  Real drum recording is about adding a new important dimension of "feel" to the song.