Custom Drum Tracks
We are no longer accepting custom drum track recording orders, we are sorry for a possible inconvenience.

Additional information

1) The "Song track", "Drum track" and "Click track" should be time-aligned: please make sure you are exporting them from the same time point in a sequencer.  To make sure all tracks are time-aligned to each other, please use the same MP3 bit-rate and codec for all tracks during export, "variable" bit-rate should not be used. The "Drum track" should not contain the song itself.  The "Click track" should contain metronome ticking only, for the full duration of the song, and should fully follow song's tempo.  Please include an initial 1 or 2 bar count-in so that the drummer can synchronize the playing with the song's start.

2) As a final result, we provide overhead, side and room microphone tracks together with tom, bass drum and snare drum tracks that should be mixed together to produce a finalized drum mix.  Since the drums are recorded very dry they are "compatible" with virtually any reverb and they won't sound boxy after processing.  Beside that we do our best to keep inter-drum resonances minimal: this improves drum performance articulation and makes further equalizing and multi-band dynamics adjustments an easy task. Note that we perform basic time- and phase-aligning of the tracks: mixing them will be easy for you; tom tracks are optional for mix.

3) Note that some song submissions may be declined by us due to an overly complex or "unplayable" nature of the submitted material; this service is a custom work performed by a human person with their own level of musical performing ability; we reserve the right to decline your order at any time and refund any monies you have paid.