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One of my most used Voxengo plug-ins (besides Cakewalk's Perfect Space).

Voxformer really took a shine when you went from version 1 to version 2.

It works perfectly for controlling vocal tracks and getting them to sound upfront yet smooth without putting 5 plug-ins in my effects bin.

The oversampling also makes a big difference in increasing the quality of the plug-in (as well as for all of the Voxengo plug-ins that have this feature).  I go to 2x usually.

jlgrimes (posted on Voxformer forum)

I'm currently mixing my band's album and I was looking for a good vocal channel strip.  I have several third party plugs and the entire logic plugin suite at my disposal, but have been struggling to nail "that sound" on all the vocals.  I popped your plug on the insert, checked some presets, made a couple tweaks, and there it was for the first time!  In seconds!  I'm never going back.  Lots of vocal coloring options like overdrive and presence bring this beyond the realm of just compressor, eq, gate.  It is literally on every vocal track now I like the results so much.  I will be adding more of your plugs to my collection for sure.
Eric Matlock, keyboardist, songwriter and engineer

i heard about voxengo from a while by a mastering studio and then i read about them

on other forums so i decided to try first the varisaturator and i was impress of the clarity and tone.

so recently i tried the sony dymanic channel strip and i liked it so i start looking around for something similar and run into voxformer and i tried it it blew me away it has everything for shaping almost any instument and sound i used it on drums and it just sit right

especialy on my snare drums it perfect i like the fact that i can split the the frequencies on the compressers and slam them to taste and add warm

the gate is just so easy to use the de-essers works well the saturator is great it is definitely a bang for the money you can use in a whole mix also on sub or master bus

voxformer is a great tool to have at hand for seriuos audio engineers and home studios

ironhead(Es Noel)

In my studio time is an issue as deadlines are always a problem.  I am constantly being told "I need it yesterday".  And as I work with lots of different vocalists 'Voxengo Voxformer' has become my 'go to' channel strip as it allows me to create a great vocal sound quickly.  The vocals seem to fit into my mixes better and I can create edgier vocal sounds for my tv work that are not too brittle and sharp.  The presets are also very helpful.
Kelvyn 'The Velvet Revolution' music prod company

I was looking for something like the VC-64 that comes in Sonar for my new Reaper Setup.

After playing with it for an hour i was hooked.  The Voxformer is not only a good vocal compressor, it also features a very pleasing saturation algorythm and routhing capabilities that makes it usefull for a lot of situation.  It has instantly become one of my go-to plugins

Great product !

Alexis -Alxi- Roy Studio SoundBox

Hi !

just chime in to say that I find this plugin truly amazing; I can probably achieve the same result by stacking a few UA plugins - well, quite a few actually - but that is not the point.

The real strength lies in the combination, simplicity and the great presets that give you a good starting point for customizing.  Technology should always be like this, especially when you run a tight schedule.  Oh, yes, it sounds great too.

Another first is the GUI, easily read on the most cluttered screen in low light and whatever.  Makes my other plugs feel a bit toyish, really.

The overall feel of VoxFormer is so solid and pro as it gets.  Keep this line, Aleksey !

Halfdan (posted on Voxformer forum)

I've just purchased the voxformer after trying the demo an all i can say is it's a truly beautiful plugin!  I needed a replacement plug for my waves ssl4k channel strip when i don't want to bring my ilok and i found it in the Voxformer.  Your plug did the job better than any of the ones i tried, and believe me i've tried all channel strip plugins out there.
Martin (posted on Voxformer forum)

Oh my gosh!  This is amazing.  I have been recording in my home studio for over 8 years and I have always gotten a hollow, narrow, non-professional sound, no matter how hard I tried.  I use good (mid-grade) pro-audio equipment, a quality mic, and decent sounding instruments, however I could never get that professional glaze.  I am a female vocalist, and due to the natural timbre of my voice, combined with my soprano range, my vocals always seemed to sound hoow, with too much reverb and echo (and nor because I added that either).  I bought the voxformer, harmoniEQ, varisaturator, and polysquasher, and downloaded some of the free applications as well.  The difference is remarkable.  I just bought these yesterday- I installed them and worked with them til about midnight last night, then set the CD to burn while I slept.  This morning, I took a listen and WOW.  It sounds like it was done in a professional studio.  Most of that came from the voxformer and harmoniEQ.  Now, I will clean up the little things and add the final gloss with the varisaturator and the polysquasher.  All I can say is "thank you".  After many dead end searches, I finally found the products that work.
A.  Black

I am delighted with my purchase of the latest Voxformer.  I have used your free EQ, MSED and OSVerb for a number of years with useful results.  I have to admit that I sometimes cannot tell the difference between my analog hardware equipment and your Voxformer on a track.  Now that I know how to get what I want with the hardware, your vst filters are easier to understand, along with your excellently written user manuals.  I have used many other vst plug-ins but my first choice is your product, which is why I have invested in it.  Your free selection really does make a loyal customer.  Congratulations on the new look, and the re-sizing too, easier on tired eyes.

Best Regards

WalterT at

The new Voxformer 2 is an incredibly flexible, efficient and excellent sounding multi-function plugin, great for vocals, but also useful for many other sound sources.  I especially like the new multiband gate; great for toms - after the initial tom snap dies down, you can have the higher frequencies gate down to reduce cymbal bleed, while preserving the lower sustain of the drum.

Smoother, tighter and cleaner than version 1, and now with the wonderful GUI and routing options that have become a trademark of Aleksey's professional plugin collection.

Another audio gem from Voxengo!

George Piazza - Virtual Audio Studio