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Bless up!  Been looking for a long time for a spectral analyzer plugin to drop on master busses for mixing and mastering.  Thanks for providing this tool!
Subatomic Sound

thanks to the programmers...  SPAN is the greatest freeware tool in my history of making music. i use it often in my masterchannel for mastering and/or simply producing! also i hope voxengo implement a analysis of correlation and a simply metering display in the next time.
greetings from berlin s-tek

I use Span and out of all the spectrum analysers I've tried I find it detailed and easy to look at and I don't mix without it.  The fact it is free is the icing on the cake.
Adam Fitzgerald

Tuning my monitor speakers to my room, and adding Voxengo Span on every bus in my mix, have done more to improve my mixes than I can say.  This plugin is priceless.  It has practically no impact on CPU usage at all, and it shows me exactly where frequency peaks, dips, and conflicts are occurring.

Thank you Voxengo!  And hey, Tempo Delay is pretty nifty too.  I just don't use it on every bus.

Richard Hunter

The SPAN is a great tool - easy to pick up, quite complex but I've got results in the first session....  Definitely sweet = ]
Andy F

Very best of all.  I can see what i can't hear; peaks, hums, ect.

Hail you!

The Zatelite

I am very impressed with this site and like how regular emails arrive mentioning products and product changes.  I have a home studio and use Sonar HS 6XL as my DAW.  The Voxengo plug ins such as EssEQ, and Stereo Touch have worked great - no clitches.  I have not yet made a major purchase of a plug-in, but getting very close !!!!!
Charles Silverman

real superb analisator! fast, precise, flexible,... and, come on, itz FREE, baby (amazingly!) and I think I love you Voxengo ))))
kAtode(anoDe antipoDe) electronic musician

When mixing and mastering your ears are the most important reference about musical appeal, but in the domain of the sound quality they aren't enough!  You need a good sounding room, two pair of accurate monitors and a reliable spectrum analyzer.

My chioce about the spectrum analyzer is Voxengo's SPAN for many reasons:

- very low CPU usage

- very fast information refresh

- clear and relaxing display

- only useful controls provided

- and most important: Voxengo's great experience about mastering tools

Oh, I forgot to say that It's free too.

Gio R - freelance music producer

SPAN is something that I've been looking for a long time.  Finally I found it and it was FREE!

It's ultimate tool to mixing and searching the problem-points.

I want to thank the creators of this godlike plugin.

N.  Hujanen