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Voxengo SPAN - User Reviews

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Voxengo SPAN is really a great analysis software.  I can't work no more without it, it has a lot of features and it's really precise too.  Last but not least, it's free too!!
Paolo Sabatino

Paula John

SPAN is a very precise professional grade spectrum analyzer which has made working with any type of digital audio WAY less painful.  I can't imagine myself mixing my new songs without it.  It just purely roxx!
N.  Mäkinen

Excellent and very useful.  Makes an immediate impact.

Thanks very much for making this available.


If you need an FFT analyzer for your material, look no further than SPAN.  It's got all the settings you really need and now that the peak hold hang issue is solved, it's perfect.

Thanks again Voxengo.  I've recommended this plugin more times than I can count.


I've been mixing project recordings for years now, but this is the first time I've been able to SEE what's going on.  Definitely a great tool to train you ear.
Andy H, Boulder, CO

i came across voxengo plugins a while ago, and gave them a try. i have to say, these are some great plugins. i am currently using the free Stereo Touch and free SPAN plugins as well as the (very reasonably priced) PHA-979 plugin, i am interested in the Voxformer,Redunoise, and GlissEQ plugins.

i have talked with Aleksey Vaneev a few times,and he is a really nice guy. he knows what he is doing, and is very helpful.

+1 for Voxengo's amazing VST Plugins!


great analyser!

I use it also for measuring applications.

X-Rocka //

I have been using Span nonstop from the moment I downloaded it.  This plugin has taught me a lot about my mixing and highlighted problem areas that I couldnt hear before.  The display is great.  Big and Bold, (ideal for mastering) and very simple to understand.  I use this plugin during tracking, mixing and mastering.  I dont think I have another plugin that is used as much as span.

For a plugin that makes no noise whatsoever its helped me produce a better sounding mixes.  I probably sound like an advert but no.  The fact is I couldnt do without Span now.

Oh, and its completely free.  What more could anyone want

:) :)

Marc Davis

One of the best metering plugins around and it's free!  Thank you Voxengo for bringing superb quality plugins to the people!