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Every guitar track I have used this plugin on sounds better than before.  The presets are absolutely fantastic and yet they don't even begin to scratch the surface of the level of customization available to you.  The fact that this is free absolutely staggers my imagination because as someone who exclusively uses free plugins this is the first I have ever downloaded and immediately looked for a donation button to express how insanely good and worthy it is.

If you play guitar you need to try this.  You can enhance your clean tone, give the gift of crunch, overdrive a signal, tweak your EQ, and just make your signal sound more like you want.

Joshua Kennedy

You guys are AWESOME and your plugs rock!

We here at Irie Lab Sound are all about helping starving artists turn out great demos (often for only pizza and beer).  Thanks from me and from them and keep up the good work.

Bill McMaster

I am Currently using several Voxengo plugins, I can only say these plugins are 100% professional quality, superior design. continue the great work.

Unbelievable!!!  I have used guitar rig 2, Amplitube, Cortex, Warp, SimuAnalog, FreeAmp 2,3 and about a dozen I can't even remember, but BY FAR I have appreciated the sound, ease of use, and better programming (less wasted CPU processes) than any other!  Thank you for such a great product and for giving the home-schooled and home-recording guitarists such a great alternative.  I am sincerely grateful.

Beatifull and sofisticated simulation of head and cabinet.  Pure clarity, dynamic amd realistic sound.  Thank.

I absolutely love Voxengo plugs for flexibility, sound quality and value.  I recommend them to everyone I know.
Richard Turner, Producer

Gotta tell ya--the Booger, er, Boogex came close to saving a session recently.  I got some tracks to mix from a guy who had multiple-mic'ed his heavy guitar cabs, but all out-of-phase, and honesty not thick of beefy, and just plain fizzy.  Yuck... after a couple of mix attempts with heavy EQ, I kind of gave up as 'good enough'.  But, driving home while listening I got the idea of using the Boogex as a cab emulator on the rhythm tracks, and after only about 5 minutes of adjusting I had a huge tone going on, and one that really fit the style.  I'm gonna put up a couple samples on my website ASAP just to demonstrate how cool the Boogex is in real-life situations like this!

Great stuff all-around, man--love it.


For today, it seems that the amp sim market is all about getting a good hard driven distortion.  Sure, there are many that do this and get good results, but what about the rest of us clean guitar players?  The clean settings on those new modern amp sims are, well... very lifeless.  Enter Boogex - this is by far the best clean tone amp simulator out there (and I have tried them all).  I close my eyes and swear that there is an old broken-in tube Fender in front of me.  Great job Voxengo and thanks for the great amp!!
B Floyd

I can't recommend the Voxengo Boogex enough - it's just a flawless amp simulator all around.  The sound is crystal clear and wicked, and the awesome distortion you can achieve with the drive turned up is nothing short of staggering.  It just creates a huge sound and offers such a wide variety of ways to tweak the tone.  The easy-to-use grid allows subtle or extreme adjustments to the timbre and overall size of your tone.  This is a perfect VST, bar none.
Mike Klapak

I'm a non-professional but still devoided french guitar player/arranger.  I've been working on music at various stages (singer, guitar player, songwriter, arranger, both in studios and on stage) for more than ten years now.  And I can say in all honesty that the Boogex is the only I like using to enhance/reshape the sounds I produce with my guitar and pedals (very few pedals actually but, it's true all of them top-quality).

My sound-engineer (on other projects than the ones I lead) first told me that he didn't like the Boogex but after he watched me work with it, he eventually decided to use it and now does use it often.  I think it's the best plug-in I have, or at least I can SAY that it's the one I use the most.  And, by Jove, it's FREE!

Actually (honest) I was checking this site to see if there was any chance of bying the same stuff as hardware to go onstage with it as nearly all my guitar sounds have some Boogex features in tem and we're going onstage soon.  Well...  I'm going to check out the compressors for I need one to master our debut album (already nicely reviewed as a demo in mags).

To conclude I would say that I will sign with just my initials so that nobody can find me, for I like my sound (and journalists in many countries have said they did too so...) and I would hate people to have such a clue about how it's made (even if other "secrets" are involved...).  I would hate people thinking such a praise of the Boogex to be some sort of advertisemnt.  It's FREE.  They don't even sell this stuff and its GREAT.  I mean.  Thank you for that, really.