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I am a regular user of Voxformer and Elephant, they are in every mix that I do, I recently needed punch up a guitar to give it a real lead feel and Boogex was just the ticket to a great sound.  Boogex is another winner in your arsenal.
John Rettberg

a combination of tools for guitar processing that truly arent approached by any other apps available,love it
mark spark

Wow!  It's free and it sounds awesome!  I own and use Line 6 as well as Waves guitar cab sims and they are good, but Boogex is surprisingly good.  I am still amazed that something free could be this wonderful!  Thank you so much for making this product!  I am one happy guitar player!
Joanie Chen

I just wanted to write a quick thank you note about your free Guitar plugin Boogex.  Initially, I was impressed with it for exactly what you intended it for- creating some nicely charactered distortion for clean guitar sounds.  Since it was on sale, I eventually purchased another guitar distortion software package, and I had a good time with that too.  Then it occured to me that I might try my new guitar sounds on an older project that I was never satisfied with the distortion I had tracked, and as it was recorded in, I had been stuck with it.  I tried the newer, I purchased guitar software and it sounded horrible.  I was a bit depressed.  But then, on a lark, I tried your Boogex software and it worked beautifully!  The improvement to these tracks is huge, and the personal satifaction is great.  To be able to improve something even a bit would have been good, but this improvement was huge and convincing.  I will definately be using this product in the future and looking to purchase plug ins from you as well.  Thank you very much.
Mark LaPierre

The Voxengo Boogex plugin has been becoming the second most used effect in all of my tracks just after the Voxengo Elephant.  It doesn't get a lot of use on guitar sounds around here, but it sure can make a saw synth or bassline truely fierce!  Lead synths, Bass synths, Drums...they all go through Boogex and come out mean and nasty on the other end.  The built-in cabinet convolution works good all by itself too.  On top of that, this plugin is free!  Amazing deal!
The Hamster Alliance -

Wow!!!!!!  I just DL most of the free products, you guys are awesome!!  I run my own recording studio "BIG DUMMY RECORDING" and used all effects on my own music and love them.  All are simple to operate and work beautifully, I will recommend others about your products.  Thank you very much for the sonic enhancements, Joe from BIG DUMMY.

Boogex smokes Guitar Rig for breakfast!  Best clean tone ive been getting with any plugin amp i tried, ever.  Thanks!!

Boogex is great for other things than guitar.  Try it on bass (with the bass cabs) and get a fat and dirty sound for Rock songs or mash up the kick and snare or the whole drum set to get a lot of dirt.

Voxengo's Boogex gets my vote as easily the best-sounding and most usable guitar amp, at any price, that we've seen to date.  To non technically-minded guitar players like myself the interface may be a bit off-putting - after all it IS more complex than my old Super Reverb but Aleksey at Voxengo really does know what he's doing and every knob is there for a good reason.  The Emphasis and Cut filters alone give endless sonically pleasing possibilities once you've got the hang of using them, so it really is worth taking time out to fully understand and master this superb plugin - your patience will be rewarded.  Why does it sound so good?  As somebody said in one of these testimonials: "Aleksey has better ears than the rest" - it's as simple as that.

Here's an interesting forum thread that gives an insight into Aleksey's development of Boogex:

Graham Foster (Valencia, Spain)

Voxengo Boogex is simply one of the best amp simulation around! and best of all it's free! it can even outperform some of the top of the line amp sims out there if you really know how to use this great plugin!

One of its best features (IMHO) is its EQ controls which are very responsive.  And of course its speaker and mic emulation provide you with vast variety of sounds from subtle crunch rock to modern heavy sounds.  I'll share you one of my tricks using Voxengo Boogex:

- Run your guitar through any of your favorite stompbox/drive pedal so it provides you distortion & gain.  Yes, direct into your computer.  It may sound odd but record that sound!  You may find the tone very fuzzy but this is where BOOGEX comes into picture.  Call it up in your VST plugins and turn OFF the DRIVE knob! then customize your EQ, Tone, Dynamics, Phase, Gain Levels, then select your AMP & MIC! (many to choose from, my fave is the Cabinet 6 SM57) Presto! you'll get a very nice Mic'd Amped Drive tone without even lugging your amp or fixing mic positions!  Is that easy!


More power to the team of Voxengo!

Jam Bumanlag, Squad Rehearsals Studios