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I uses the Voxengo Boogex as an speaker simulator very often.  I think it is the best of any others.  The Drive knob is very effective and overall sounds like the real combo.  Here is an example of using it:


This little song was recorded just in line of soundcard with ADA MP-1 tube preamp.  No additional plugins were used, no additional hardware.  Just a tube pre and Boogex.  I think it is cool.  Hope Voxengo can uses the stereo impulses in future..

S.  Taranoff.  Russia.

Having tried numerous amp/tube simulator plugins whilst attempting to create convincing keyboard-generated electric guitar sounds, I finally stumbled upon Boogex.  Not only does it have great tonal manipulation, but best of all it growls beautifully, without any of the fizzy 'overlay' that spoils some other amp simulations.  I also use it with NI's B4-II as a 'valve Leslie preamp' (in preference to the B4-II's overdrive), and to give Wurlitzer pianos, Clavinets and other vintage keys a convincingly mic'ed-up and gutsy sound.  Not just for guitarists, then...  You do know you're nuts for giving this away?  A brilliant plugin - many thanks!
Nick Magnus

this is the first plugin that really sounds

like an expensive tube amplifier top with box.

I've been looking for such a realistic sound for a long time!

forget amplitube

forget guitar rig

i'm not talking bullshit.

Hail to Voxengo


With Boogex I replaced my WarpVST effect - Boogex is one good and free distortion!

I'm a singer/songwriter working alone, and I'm no recording expert as the following will possibly prove; but I've purchased several Voxengo products and have found they have revolutionised the sound of my recordings.  I've recently downloaded the free 'Boogex' and love it.  Being a 'one bar at a time' guitarist with limited time, it allows me to record a flat, clean guitar track, and then play around with the overdrive/cabinet/mic etc later.  That's a flexibility I've never had before and it's invaluable.  The presets sound very, very good and allow the guitar to sit in the mix very quickly and easily with little twiddling, which is what I need.  The impulses included with the package are all very usable.  I had 7 guitars on my last effort, including bass, all with a Boogex as an insert.  I found them to be rather heavy on the computer, but maybe that is to be expected.  Thanks for everything and all the best for the future.
Alan Sutton

Boogex Rox!  I use it every day!  It's intuitive interface and vast amount of mic/cabinet combinations make it suitable for any genre!  Hungry for CPU power, though.
Runar Clausen, Smith & Smile studios


I found Voxengo Boogex quick to install, up and in use within mins...

This plug-ins was able to produce the varied guitar sound that I wanted in my recording with ease and less taxing on my CPU than seemly vst’s of its kind.

Well Done Voxengo

Terry Arnold. aka 2TEC

terry arnold

Wow!  My #1 Amp sim, and sucks up very little CPU.  You can get everything from your warm, classic blues sounds to completely melt-your-face-alien-distortion (my fave)!  Try it on synths, too!

Great product.  Thank You

Wow.  The cabinet impulses are something else.  I haven't gotten completely comfortable with the distortion/amp portion of this yet, but the cabinet convolver(?) is quite nice.  This is a great advertisement for other Voxengo plugins too!
Chris Hurley

I like this plug a lot.  The ability to load IRs is a very nice touch.  This amp sim is very very good at making outrageously distorted f'**ked up guitar sounds like Hendrix at Monterey, the Stooges or "I heard her call my name" by Velvet Underground.  It's also capable of some very nice retro "dirty-clean" sounds.

It's perhaps not ideal for faceless hi-fi wall of distorted guitars like all those American nu-rock bands, but that's not my bag anyway.

BTW, there are some really nice speaker cabinet impulses over at