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One of the truly impressive features of PristineSpace is the ability to perform Serial Convolution.  This is so useful I cannot begin to overstae it, so perhaps an example will be better.

Imagine if you will being able to load up to 8 different impulses, and feed the output of Impulse 1 to the input of impulse 2, and so on down the chain!  This could allow you to use any combination you choose.  Up to 8 in a chain for mono, 4 for stereo, or 2 for True stereo.

The possibilities are limitless.

Neil Wilkes

Thanks, I just ordered my first set of plug-ins.  I've got to say, I used the demo of the Analogflux set for about 30 seconds and wanted to buy everything you have out.  There's something about the overall feel of those plug-ins that is so artistic and beautiful.  I'll enjoy getting to know the other plug-ins soon.  Thanks for making something so wonderful for recorded music.
Nathan Chapman, Producer, Nashville, TN

I use the LF-Punch for bass guitar and man it's a monster.  KILLER sound, very clean, simple to adjust, it's just exellent!!!! plain and simple..  After, installation I threw down a few tracks and set up the LF PUNCH and my tracks came to life.  I was inpressed with the compression and distortion especially..  My PC sounds like a ampeg now with the use of a sansamp bass driver D.I. and the Voxengo LF PUNCH. the combination sounds dangerous..

Pristine Space is the best Convolution reverb out there.  When Aleksey talks about true stereo he means it.  I have tested this theory with other well known reverbs and the clarity, fullness and width of the stereo spread from within Pristine space is simply brilliant.  Well worth the money and reflects the attention to detail present in the rest of the Voxengo range that I have seen and used.

Pristine Space offers features found in other far more expensive reverbs and can match if not better the results for less money, try it and see.

The feature set of Pristine Space reads like a plug in collection found in top end sequencers and remember this is a reverb plug in…

Stereo width, Reverse (highly creative), Low and high pass filtering, and Linear phase equalization.  As a convolution suite owner, the Deconvolver and especially the Impulse Modeler ensure that I can create my own spaces as well.  A superb investment that helps to bring down the cost of music making without sacrificing professional quality.


Voxengo plug-ins have made their mark on the world of computer audio.  Instead of simply imitating a hardware effect box, Voxengo plugs also address issues that are specific to computer-based recording such as noise reduction and sound quality problems that are inherent to A to D conversion.  Voxengo plugs can go head to head with other offerings and walk away winning.  Couple this with their competitive price and superior support, and you have the absolute best value in the music industry today.
Ric (the Obscene) - FX-Max support / Ghettoanalogue productions / Red XVI / XthetiX 68

If your going to play around with EQ, you realy need this, thank you Voxengo

Transmodder is one of those tools in audio recording that takes more than a bit of effort to get a grip on.  But man, there is some serious power in understanding how to use this plug-in.  I almost hope no one else figures it out so my mixes will sound that much better than theirs lol.
Jim Holland (SeaweedMusic)

Fantastic plugin.  The only one I have found which gives full millisecond/nanosecond control of an audio input stream.  Very useful,if like me you use it to timealign live sound systems through something like a motu 828mk2 within a host program.

Nanosecond control is so useful.

Sound in to out is also transparent.

This is a must for all live engineers

Great job.

M willzz

I had looked for a decent VST mastering limiter for quite a while.  After a lot of crappy sounding products flooded the market and some rather expensive tools started to break the sound barrier, Voxengo has managed to come up with the first plugin of it's kind I have heard that manages to sound extremely good and transparent at a reasonable price.

I often use the Elephant on TV material and therefore really love the high pass filter.  The versatile oversampling options are a really nice idea, too.

The only thing I miss is a 5.1 mode....

Oliver Lucas, listen!  Komposition und Ton GmbH

I recently purchased Elephant2, and I just wanted to let you know that I love this plugin.  I am currently mastering 18 tracks for a compilation CD for three bands (one of which is my own ;-).  I mastered several tracks using both Waves L2 and Elephant2 and let the bands decide which one they liked best (without telling them which was which).  Guess what: they both chose Elephant2!

Thanks for making this wonderful plugin available for such an affordable price!

Kees (Systema Synthetica)