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I really tried a lot of limiting plugins and i really can say that Voxengo's Elephant2 is definitely the best limiting plugin out there.

While other limiters start to pump, distort or change the sound to unnatural frequencies, Elephant2 is adding a lot of punch and volume to the sound material, while keeping the signal warm and clean.

That's how it should be!

Alex Pfeffer, Composer & SoundDesigner - The CellarRoom

I reach Voxengo CurveEQ often during my mastering sessions.  By just a few little adjustments which are fairly easy to play with, you can get "THAT WARM" sound.  Presets are great and in many cases, they are just what you need to choose and maybe only a little tweaking.  Insert this wonderful plugin on your master buss before and/or your buss compressor (If you have any) and then the magic will happen!

thank you for the voxengo esseq.
derrel ambrose

CurveEQ is one of the finest EQ's in the Native arena that there is.

The frequency matching options really work well, and the options for all the various vintage modes make this a tool I come back to again and again.

Other great features are it's simplicity of use and it's complexity both at the same time - as you work with this EQ more and more, it seems to grow with you.

Highly recommended.

Neil Wilkes, Director, Opus Productions Ltd

I have been using Span nonstop from the moment I downloaded it.  This plugin has taught me a lot about my mixing and highlighted problem areas that I couldnt hear before.  The display is great.  Big and Bold, (ideal for mastering) and very simple to understand.  I use this plugin during tracking, mixing and mastering.  I dont think I have another plugin that is used as much as span.

For a plugin that makes no noise whatsoever its helped me produce a better sounding mixes.  I probably sound like an advert but no.  The fact is I couldnt do without Span now.

Oh, and its completely free.  What more could anyone want

:) :)

Marc Davis

great analyser!

I use it also for measuring applications.

X-Rocka //

This thing gives me so much control in mastering it is just a dream.

The idea of drawing envelopes for all those functions is insanely brilliant, it's just so easy to make stuff sound GOOD!

I love the way i can draw an envelope to adjust my compression ratios thoughout the spectrum!

It's also perfect for fine tuning rough mixes and evening things out in a very fast and efficient way when someone wants a rough to listen to.

A wonderful tool.

Jim Holland (Seaweed Studios)

This is a very handy tool if you want to capture random effect loops with vsts while experimenting with parameters.
Scott R

Recently purchsed the Pristine Space Lite (just in time I see!!).  I really like it.  Just sounds much more real to me and I've tried a bunch of reverbs freebies and demos the last few months.  Doesn't leave a "ring" behind.

I've also been also searching for something that sounded good with Acoustic guitar and the Pristine did the job.  The long reverbs sounded much better to me than many others.  It also seems stronger to me using it in the Aux track of Sonar thus giving me less dry and more verb.  Can't wait to get the Impuls Modeler.

All-in-all I'm glad I got it and looking forward to learning the controls better.

God bless

Brett Roueche - Jacksonville, Fl.

r8brain saved my day (after finding out, that the batch-converter in adobe's audition couldn't automatically save the destination-files in the same channel-format (mono/stereo) like the source-files. you have to choose to save them all mono or all stereo ...)

thanks for this converter and for fixing the little bugs within one day!!!

Dandruff [Outburst Audio]