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Excellent and very useful.  Makes an immediate impact.

Thanks very much for making this available.


another great tool for free. thanks!
Dandruff [Outburst Audio]

great litte plug!
Dandruff [Outburst Audio]

If you need an FFT analyzer for your material, look no further than SPAN.  It's got all the settings you really need and now that the peak hold hang issue is solved, it's perfect.

Thanks again Voxengo.  I've recommended this plugin more times than I can count.


Finally!  Thank you!  I've remixed or remastered allot of music recently using a varity of Voxengo products and the difference is amazing.  The plugins are well designed.  From TV commercials to Fantsatic 4 trailers to Christian music to Rap - these plugins give me the sound i hear in my head.


Winston Philip @

I think Alex really nailed it this time.  The LF Punch does what I thought the LF Max would do, but where I totally failed to get any good sound from the bottom of my mixes with LF Max (perhaps due to my own shortcomings as an engineer or misconception of the plugin), the LF Punch sounds good no matter how you do, and it does sound analog, like that vintage tape saturated punch we had in the old days, that people nowdays pay thousands of dollars to emulate (e.g. with the Cransong HEDD).  LF Punch works on bass tracks, it works on drum tracks and it even works on entire mixes, without making the song sound muddy and without making all the treble dissapear on lower volumes, which often happens when you try to get an impressive low end using eq.  The only negative thing I can think of is that there is an obvious risk of overusing this plugin.
Mats D - Sweden

Amazing...simply amazing.  I recently purchase the Mixing Suite from Cakewalk and Elephant from here.  Both purchases were made two days ago.  So far I've only used GlissEQ and Elephant, and I am amazed.  The things I thought I had to live with were made right by GlissEQ.  Elephant is superb.  It can be adjusted to 1/10th of a decible with ease.  The controls on Elephant are designed so as I adjust the knobs with the mouse the knobs move slowly on the screen.  So if I want 2.3db out I don't have to settle for 2.5 because Elephant glides smoothly to where I want it.  Aleksey Vaneev you've changed the world and don't even know it.
Jason Washington

With Boogex I replaced my WarpVST effect - Boogex is one good and free distortion!

For a long time I have been searching for the perfect Sample Rate Converter - and this is as close as I have yet come.

The quality from this is , to put it bluntly, incredible.  Best of all is the fact it only uses whole numbers to do the conversions instead of the fractions used by others causing the inevitable rounding errors.  Much better to use whole numbers only.

Also, you have 2 different modes - Linear Phase and Minimum Phase.  Purists will tell you to use LinPhase as it avoids any form of Phase smearing whatsoever, but my preference is MinPhase as it sounds exactly like the Audio has been through a round trip of seriously high end Digital-Analogue-Digital converter chain.


Neil Wilkes, Opus Productions Ltd

One of the best metering plugins around and it's free!  Thank you Voxengo for bringing superb quality plugins to the people!