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It's pretty simple why Voxengo plugins are so good - Alexsey has a better ear compared to other developers.

His plugins sound so 'musical'.  I've used many other plugins that technically perform their designed function, yet somehow just don't sound good.

I now have a whole set of expensive plugins that are just taking up drive space.  They simply don't sound as good as thier Voxengo counterparts.

Mark Briody, guitarist for Jag Panzer (Century Media Records)

Professional, Transparent and Flexible!  That's all I can say in a summery and thats all you need to know about a limiter.Far better than the L2 or Fianl Plug.  I've never came across a limiter that has so many differnt shapes to it.  I just finished my own mastering for a local EP and this thing really shined.  The band wanted it LOUD and they got it with the greatest quality.  This matched up with Soniformer is heaven to use.
Scott R

Really big fan of the Tube Amp, and the Recorder plugin has saved me loads of grief - really useful, great sounding plugins.  Cheers!

this is the first plugin that really sounds

like an expensive tube amplifier top with box.

I've been looking for such a realistic sound for a long time!

forget amplitube

forget guitar rig

i'm not talking bullshit.

Hail to Voxengo


SPAN is a very precise professional grade spectrum analyzer which has made working with any type of digital audio WAY less painful.  I can't imagine myself mixing my new songs without it.  It just purely roxx!
N.  Mäkinen

I'm using Voxengo products from some hours but I'm already familiar with them getting back great sounds and extraordinary response!  All controls are complete and intuitive, presets can help you to start immediately.  You can handle your audio material how your mind wants and your heart feel.  You will obtain amazing results forging your tracks as you desire.  Definitely, Voxengo audio tools are essential to my studio setup!
Mistheria - Keyboard player, composer, arranger - Italy

This thing has bite.  Guitars, Snares and Kicks really cut through using little guy..
Scott R

This Plug in is great !!  Really helps to clear up some tracks, giving them more definition in the mix.

For 2 track purposes is just genious!


Reuven Amiel

Within minutes of demoing LF Max and LF Punch, the credit card was out and awaiting the hit - which came a few minutes later, of course!

LF Max is the perfect tool to make a deep sound REALLY deep, while it offers a great amount of control, so you can shape your lows exactly how you like them.  The added sub bass sounds a real, natural part of the sound, not artificial at all.

LF Punch sounds great as well and does exactly what it is advertised to do.

I should also mention that I really dig the simple user interface: just turn those knobs et voila!

Congratulations, Aleksey, for an outstanding bundle at a great price.


Wow!  My #1 Amp sim, and sucks up very little CPU.  You can get everything from your warm, classic blues sounds to completely melt-your-face-alien-distortion (my fave)!  Try it on synths, too!

Great product.  Thank You