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GlissEQ is one of the most robust and well thought-out plugins I have ever had the pleasure of using.  This is an asset to the audio community.
Mazin Darghous,

Well I wanted to buy the new Marquis Compressor but since my PayPal account couldn't cope with the VAT payment I tried out some of your other plug-ins.  And Soniformer did it for me.  The fun thing though is that the thing I love most about it is the StereoWidth Control - I can now narrow down my kick drums and bassline and have wideopen space in the high end at the same time.  An awesome tool.
Alex 'Mully' Volmer

I have tried almost every compressor plug in out there and Marquis by far gave me the results I wanted in the shortest amount of time.  The included presets sound great and require little to no tweeking.  The "Round Bass" preset alone was enough to sell me!

This is not simpley just a level controling tool, Marquis adds warmth and fullness to the sound even with very subtle compression levels.  Other compressors I have used needed extreme settings to bring out some character.

This is exactly what I have been looking for, and you can't beat the price!  Very well done.

Kevin Brewster

When Mastering loads of differnt styles of customers music I needed a more flexible and better sounding compressor than I used in the past...well, I found it!

The MARQUIS COMPRESSOR really IS fantastic.  So smooth, easy to set up and the key filter section is were it shines.

I managed to set up a super smooth de-essing of some dance material I'm currently mastering and it took about 5 minutes!

Don't waste time and money on anything else, Aleksey, keep up the GREAT work.

Ged Leitch - Engineer - BitHead Mastering -

I just bought Marquis and have to say it compares extremely favourably with my UAD plugins.

The full sound it manages at pretty small cpu load is a very nice addition to Voxengos catalogue and I look forward to more excellent plugs in the future!

I replaced my La-2a and 1176LN plugs in several projects and dialled in very similar (usually better) sounds with ease - even though this plug is very versatile it's pretty quick to use which is how a channel compressor should be IMHO.

Marquis raises the bar for native VST effects - well done Aleksey! - it's well thought-out, excellent sounding, simple to use and not a cpu hog.

Great work.

Dave Rich

After trying the Voxformer demo I had to buy it.  It has simplified my process for mixing vocals.  Instead of using several plugs to get my vocal tracks right, I just use Voxformer because it lets me eq, compress, d-ess, boost presence, saturate, etc...I also like the fact that I can use Voxformer transparently or as an effect on my vocal mixes with excellent results.  This plug is an incredible bargain, and as someone who owns quite a few expensive plugs I can say you'd be hard pressed to find a better value for your money anywhere.  I'll definitely be purchasing more Voxengo plugs in the future.
Michael Lamoreaux

Wow.  The cabinet impulses are something else.  I haven't gotten completely comfortable with the distortion/amp portion of this yet, but the cabinet convolver(?) is quite nice.  This is a great advertisement for other Voxengo plugins too!
Chris Hurley

Latency Delay is a life saver if you have wrapped plugind in your host that need pdc

most wrappers do not send pdc data out of them :(

but Latency Delay fix's this problem for me in Tracktion 2 :)


I recently had a whole bunch of files sent over to a studio in London from France at 24bit 48k and i really needed them at 24bit 44.1k for additional instrumentation..I use Mac and PCs..I searched the internet and only found 2 effective products: r8brain and Barbabatch.  I found Barbabatch was overloaded with unnecessary features to try and justify its expense. r8brain was FREE and sounds AS GOOD as Barbabatch and way better than the internal conversion on Logic.  I am writing this while my files are batch converting...thanks!
Diamond Duggal - record producer Shania Twain, Pras, Apache Indian, Swami

When you spend so much time and energy with your ears, brain, and soul in the project your working on, CurveEQ becomes your friend, co-producer, and savior.  The "Capture/Match" feature not only simplifies the task of establishing your "sound" ,it also keeps you from wandering off and losing your place with the gradual tweak here and there until all the mid-range is gone and your mix sounds like a cheap car stereo.  I even use it to duplicate the eq of a bass or vocal track from one song to others.  Aleksey is truly a most patient, generous, and BRILLIANT individual who I trust will continue to bring us even more excellent tools in the cause of audio sculpting.
James Cobb - musician, composer, producer