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Voxengo Deconvolver - Press Release

May 29, 2003: Today convolutional reverbs become more and more demanded.  With convolution we have an opportunity to capture the sound of anything in the world that can generate a reverb, and use these sound impulses freely in any situation imaginable.  This enables us to use the sound of the high-end reverb units, the real-world rooms, halls, cathedrals, synthetic reverbs and other sources, including non-reverb ones, without any hassle and in a uniform way using only a single program or a plug-in module.

Although, we have a vast source of the impulse responses we also face the difficulties of acquiring these so they can be used seamlessly in any software environment.

In many cases during impulse capture on some stage we have a rather large set of the recorded test tones that were run through some device or mic'ed in some room.  This poses the difficulty of recovering the impulses conveniently and with the minimal user effort.  The other problem we may face is the input or the output bit-depth incompatibility of the recorded and the recovered files.  Some convolution plug-ins tend to support only a small subset of available bit-depths.  And alike, existing deconvolution programs and plug-ins support only the given sample rates and bit depths, and tend to offer a very poor-quality deconvolution.

Voxengo Deconvolver faces these problems.  First of all, it supports almost all sample formats (bit-depths) of uncompressed mono/stereo WAV files.  Secondly, it offers a very convenient environment to deconvolve large sets of recorded files.  Voxengo Deconvolver also offers a true mathematical FFT deconvolution which delivers 100% exact deconvolution.  At the same time this puts a huge demand on the system memory: deconvolving a 25-second stereo file at 96 kHz may require up to 100 MB of memory.

Voxengo Deconvolver's features:

  • True FFT deconvolution
  • Reads 8, 16, 24, 32, 64 bit PCM and IEEE WAV files
  • Writes 8, 16, 24 PCM and 32 IEEE WAV files
  • Batch support
  • Built-in DC removal filter
  • Automatic stereo normalization
  • 64-bit processing
  • All sample rates supported