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I'm trying to resample a 2.6 GB file from 32-bit/96KHz to 32/44.1. r8brain runs thru the conversion process with no error messages, but the converted file is only about 15 minutes long at 318 MB.  This happens with both LinPhase and MinPhase settings.  Help!


Please make sure application you are using to create this file is working correctly.  I'm sure that given the file is composed correctly r8brain PRO will convert it without a problem.  You may resample 96kHz to 44.1kHz and back at least a 3 GB file.

Also make sure you are using at least version 1.1 of r8brain PRO.

It appears that this may have been a file size issue - I made a quick check with a smaller version of the same file (covering the area where the conversion had stopped originally) and it converted the whole thing.

If the file is too big, is that what happens - r8brain pro only converts part of it?  Thanks.


Steve, 4 GB is a file limit for r8brain PRO, currently.  I'm working on increasing this limit.
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