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I love Voxego Products.  Specially the Sample rate converter r8Brain pro. the conversion Quality is better then most of the products & DAW softwares available in the market. (Protools, Cubase.  Logic Etc) I read about r8Brain pro in the UAD forums, & tried out the free version, which also sounds extremely good, now I own the Pro Version of r8Brain.

The batch conversion is a very helpful feature which helped me convert almost 200+ files 96khz to 44.1 in the matter of Hours.

A feature that is not listed her, is that you can run multiple version of this software.  As I have a Dual Quad Core PC so I can safely run 8 separate instances of r8Brain pro which accelerate the batch process to a great deal.

Life without music is soulless.

Shahi.  Indus World Music, www.indusworldmusic.com

In mastering work I often do (unscientific) blind testing where I'll A/B two files or settings (with my eyes closed) and see which I choose as better.  I did this with R8Brain PRO for some 48KHz to 44.1KHz conversions and easily and consistantly chose R8Brain over Wavelab's Crystal Resampler.  Just last night I stepped further to compare the R8Brain dither to UV22HR and was surprised to find I chose R8Brain Pro hands-down over UV22HR...  At least on that track I was working on, it was notably less cloudy.  You are making me look good...  I mean sound good!  Money very well spent.
Luke Gilfeather - www.TheMasteringStudio.com

Dear Aleksey, Our company Online-mastering.com is equipped with the best in analog and digital audio gear.  Your plug-ins are a wonderful addtion to our arsenal of tools.  They are well engineered and what's more important - They sound very good.  A lot of software with ten times the price will sometimes be surpassed by your cool developments.  Good work.  Thanks Voxengo!
Alex Zwarg, Mastering Engineer, Online-mastering

Plugin Software Compatibility

Compatible 64-bit Mac OS and Windows PC VST, AudioUnit, AAX, VST3 plugin host software: REAPER, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Studio One, OBS, Bitwig Studio, Nuendo, WaveLab, Vegas, SoundForge, GarageBand, Cakewalk, Adobe Audition, Samplitude, Digital Performer, Mixcraft, Edius, others.  Note that for Logic Pro you should download the "AU, AAX" package.

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