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Voxengo r8brain PRO

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I love Voxego Products.  Specially the Sample rate converter r8Brain pro. the conversion Quality is better then most of the products & DAW softwares available in the market. (Protools, Cubase.  Logic Etc) I read about r8Brain pro in the UAD forums, & tried out the free version, which also sounds extremely good, now I own the Pro Version of r8Brain.

The batch conversion is a very helpful feature which helped me convert almost 200+ files 96khz to 44.1 in the matter of Hours.

A feature that is not listed her, is that you can run multiple version of this software.  As I have a Dual Quad Core PC so I can safely run 8 separate instances of r8Brain pro which accelerate the batch process to a great deal.

Shahi.  Indus World Music

Life without music is soulless.

For a long time I have been searching for the perfect Sample Rate Converter - and this is as close as I have yet come.

The quality from this is , to put it bluntly, incredible.  Best of all is the fact it only uses whole numbers to do the conversions instead of the fractions used by others causing the inevitable rounding errors.  Much better to use whole numbers only.

Also, you have 2 different modes - Linear Phase and Minimum Phase.  Purists will tell you to use LinPhase as it avoids any form of Phase smearing whatsoever, but my preference is MinPhase as it sounds exactly like the Audio has been through a round trip of seriously high end Digital-Analogue-Digital converter chain.


Neil Wilkes, Opus Productions Ltd

After purchasing your mixing and mastering tools, and others.  My product has improved significantly.  I was having trouble getting airplay before because of sonic reasons.  As stated in previous correspondence if has been a financial hardship but the rewards are starting to pay off, perhaps because I own them I have a little more pride in my work.  After a couple more purchases I will be using Voxengo exclusively.
Tyler Patterson
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