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Voxformer is my first call channel strip for vocals.  I use a MOTU 828 MKII as the pre-amp stage for a Rode NT-1A and route it through Creamware Scope via ADAT into Cubase SX3 or Sonar 4PE and Antares Mic-Modeler.  I generally create a preset for each vocalist and call that up for recording.

I cannot tell you how amazing this sounds.  It sounds better than the UA-LA, Avalon and Focusrite hardware.  Hard to beleive but the recordings are the proof.  Amazingly, it does this for a ridiculously low price point by comparison.  I have been skeptical that plug-ins could sound so great, but the proof is that the hardware sits on the shelf and when clients come in all I have to do is load up their presets and we're ready to go in a flash.  I have also used Voxformer and Mic-Modeler to match recordings done in other studios with high end hardware.  While this takes a bit of time it is amazing that a convincing match can be done with the software only.

Ron Benvenisti

I like this plug a lot.  The ability to load IRs is a very nice touch.  This amp sim is very very good at making outrageously distorted f'**ked up guitar sounds like Hendrix at Monterey, the Stooges or "I heard her call my name" by Velvet Underground.  It's also capable of some very nice retro "dirty-clean" sounds.

It's perhaps not ideal for faceless hi-fi wall of distorted guitars like all those American nu-rock bands, but that's not my bag anyway.

BTW, there are some really nice speaker cabinet impulses over at http://www.noisevault.com


As a home studio owner I have a very limited budget when it comes to my DAW.  I use the Kristal Audio Engine as my main DAW along with Sound Forge 6 for mastering.  A few months back I got in a "pickle"......I had recorded an entire CD worth of music using another DAW.  When I tried to load it into KAE it sounded like the band was on speed!  I needed 48k but everything was recorded at 41k.  A fellow KAE user (THANKS DOUG!) turned me on to the r8Brain converter, and I have to say it was a God send!  Easy to use, small and quick, even on my P3 700mHz system with 640mb of ram.  The conversion went well, and sounded great, clear and clean with no artifacts at all...wow!  How can you folks put out one of the best pieces of software I have ever used for free?  You can bet that as my studio makes a few more bucks some of it is coming your way!  THANK YOU!

fantastic absolutly fantasic !!!!

Une qualté extraordinaire à la disposition de tous, je n'en crois pas mes oreilles -ou mes yeux-

Les vieilles marmittes font les meilleurs plats!

A recomander sans modération.

VICARI musician FRANCE promusica2@wanadoo.fr

One of the truly impressive features of PristineSpace is the ability to perform Serial Convolution.  This is so useful I cannot begin to overstae it, so perhaps an example will be better.

Imagine if you will being able to load up to 8 different impulses, and feed the output of Impulse 1 to the input of impulse 2, and so on down the chain!  This could allow you to use any combination you choose.  Up to 8 in a chain for mono, 4 for stereo, or 2 for True stereo.

The possibilities are limitless.

Neil Wilkes

Elephant is a class of its own, the best mastering limiter i could find after months of research.  It's able to gain 2-3 additional decibel without negatively shaping the material where other limiters already scrumble it.  It's the final word in my mastering chain, whatever leaves my studio ran through it.
Ronny Pries - Artist [ _rohformat | Hallo Records | Bash Records | thinner | realaudio ]


Though I'm not a professional composer the music takes a big place in my life.  With Analogflux plugins it has now new breath and dimension.  It is especially pleasant considering my own work on its graphical interface design.  I've noticed that people out there pay lot of attention to TapeBus, and I suppose that there are more great plugins than just TB.

For example Chorus is just the best of its kind!  And the delay, has yet simple but unique sound I've never found with any other plugins.

Vladimir N.  Matveyeff, composer

I'm a music producer from new york.i always master my tracks at the studio with hardware.But When it's time to make the final mix/master and digitally edit the final track.

I only Use the best of the Best.And let me tell you.Since i started Using the Voxengo Mastering Plugins.My Tracks Just Keep Sounding Better/crispy And The Final Results Are Just Amazing.

When Mastering my Music At The Ny Studio.I used the "Voxengo HarmoniEQ" To make the track more superior and to boost out some hidden KHZ for really stunnin results.

i only used the best mastering plugins.and by that i mean "voxengo Mastering Vst plugins"...

Alberto Ramirez

I was searching a pro audio forum one day trying to find a good noise reduction plugin.  Someone made the comment to get over the "free" plugin mentality and spend money on a quality plugin.  He suggested that Redunoise was unbelievable for the money with outstanding, accurate quality.  I tried the demo and quickly purchased it.  I have now also added PSL, Voxformer, CurveEQ, and Lampthruster to my line up.  The results are so perfectly musical!  And the prices are unheard of.  I wonder how much I would need to spend on external gear to end up with the same sonic results.  And all the plugins travel so nicely on my laptop when I'm out of the studio.  These plugins are worth far more than is charged.  Voxengo gives me the perfect sound every time.  I cannot say enough about the value and quality of each plugin I've tried.  Good work Voxengo.
Timothy Galdunick - www.fd-music.com

If your going to play around with EQ, you realy need this, thank you Voxengo