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I own and use numerous Voxengo products in my studio.  I find them to be of the highest quality, they are user friendly, and offer tremendous value.  In reality, there are only a few plug-ins that I don't have - in due time I will own them all!  They are that good!  I am in the process of transitioning from hobbyist to project studio owner, and the Voxengo products are foundational for my studio.  With over 20 years in commercial software, I know the real deal when I see it, and Aleksey Vaneev is a gem.  Keep that fantastic software coming Aleksey!
Dan Casey

When Mastering loads of differnt styles of customers music I needed a more flexible and better sounding compressor than I used in the past...well, I found it!

The MARQUIS COMPRESSOR really IS fantastic.  So smooth, easy to set up and the key filter section is were it shines.

I managed to set up a super smooth de-essing of some dance material I'm currently mastering and it took about 5 minutes!

Don't waste time and money on anything else, Aleksey, keep up the GREAT work.

Ged Leitch - Engineer - BitHead Mastering -

I just bought Marquis and have to say it compares extremely favourably with my UAD plugins.

The full sound it manages at pretty small cpu load is a very nice addition to Voxengos catalogue and I look forward to more excellent plugs in the future!

I replaced my La-2a and 1176LN plugs in several projects and dialled in very similar (usually better) sounds with ease - even though this plug is very versatile it's pretty quick to use which is how a channel compressor should be IMHO.

Marquis raises the bar for native VST effects - well done Aleksey! - it's well thought-out, excellent sounding, simple to use and not a cpu hog.

Great work.

Dave Rich

Voxengo makes some of the hottest plugins in the biz.  The marquis comp is now my go to comp for all my tracking and mixing.  From clean to colored and all textures in between marquis is the one.  On the two buss soniformer killed the w***** L2.  Soniformer is butter smooth with no artifacts.  It pulled the mix together while adding a touch of warmth and sheen.  WOW!!!!

Sinclair Davis

Blaqsun Recordings

Atlanta Ga.

Sinclair Davis

I have tried almost every compressor plug in out there and Marquis by far gave me the results I wanted in the shortest amount of time.  The included presets sound great and require little to no tweeking.  The "Round Bass" preset alone was enough to sell me!

This is not simpley just a level controling tool, Marquis adds warmth and fullness to the sound even with very subtle compression levels.  Other compressors I have used needed extreme settings to bring out some character.

This is exactly what I have been looking for, and you can't beat the price!  Very well done.

Kevin Brewster

Aleksey is a great human being who does not charge what he should for these class A plugins.

What more can i say.