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Voxengo SPAN deserves the reputation it has, without a doubt.  I've been using it in mastering for years now and has held its place in the studio without contest.  It does everything you need an analyzer to do; its easy to look at and has all the features to tailor the experience to your needs.  And does it get any better than free?  Definitely a must-have in any studio.
Jack Braglia, Mastering Engineer at Vital Mastering

I'm surprised to find myself so impressed as to have to publicly rave once again.  I've been trying out Elephant extensively on my tracks for Lyraka Volume 2, and this plug-in does what I thought impossible: gives top rated suites like Izotope serious competition.  In fact, the more I use Elephant the less I use any other mastering limiter.  The controls give you a phenomenal amount of power over the sound, without a daunting learning curve.  This is yet another winner from what I'm discovering are an elite set of plug-ins from Voxengo.
Andy DiGelsomina - Composer, lead guitarist, and co-producer for Lyraka

I use your EQ, SPAN, and Voxengo Analogue plug-ins all over my own music.  Span Plus alone is absolutely essential for both tracks and masters.  When it comes to Tape Simulation, there isn't a better plug-in out there than Tapebus, and I've tried countless, plus the Delay portion of the bundle is one of my all time go tos.  I look forward to trying out more, amazing work my friends!
Andy DiGelsomina, Composer, Guitarist, and Co Producer at Lyraka


This last week, I upgraded one of my computers from Windows XP to Win7.  I did this by completely reformatting my partition, and installing everything from scratch.

When it came time to install and authorize all my Voxengo plugs, I was delighted to find something no regular user encounters on a day to day basis - that there is a means to authorize all my licensed Voxengos in a single action.  That is some very clever and very considerate programming, and greatly appreciated by someone faced with the tedious task of installing and authorizing dozens of programs and plugins.

Voxengo plugins are an integral part of my working process now, and just about everything I turn out has been touched in one way or another by your work.  Thanks very much for the great sound, and the little touches that are the product of great programming.

Frank Lockwood

I have been using Voxengo tools in the mastering studio for as long as the studio has operated.  Unique tools that are designed for correcting real world problems at prices that suit wallets.  I am using Elephant, Warmifier and Soniformer here and whilst they are not used for every job they are a very important set of tools in my digital toolbox fitting in where other tools fail to meet the desired results.  The fact that every plug in has a free demo means you can assess the sound qualities in your own studio with your own music.  I always like to check back on the site to see if new innovative products have been developed.  Keep up the good work.
Mastering Engineer Barry Gardner SafeandSound online Mastering

It doesn't really get any better than this; the best SRC you'll ever hear, and it is completely free.  I currently use it with Wavelab and it is absolutely flawless.  Highly recommended to anyone interested in pristine SRC.
Jack Braglia, Mastering Engineer at Vital Mastering

Analogflux Suite just made my harmony vocals awesome.  TapeBus alone is worth the price of admission - this brought a nice warmth to my backing vocals & joined them all together in the same space instead of sounding like several isolated tracks.  They blend beautifully with lead vocals now & sit perfectly in the mix just behind lead vocals

I put the 'vintage' Chorus on the harmony vocals & added the Impulse spring reverb on them & the backing vocals are now perfect.

The Delay won't be used every day, but when you want an old school analog delay - this is the one to use.  It even syncs to the beat of your project.

Thanks for all your awesome work Voxengo!

Pirate Chimp

Gotta tell ya--the Booger, er, Boogex came close to saving a session recently.  I got some tracks to mix from a guy who had multiple-mic'ed his heavy guitar cabs, but all out-of-phase, and honesty not thick of beefy, and just plain fizzy.  Yuck... after a couple of mix attempts with heavy EQ, I kind of gave up as 'good enough'.  But, driving home while listening I got the idea of using the Boogex as a cab emulator on the rhythm tracks, and after only about 5 minutes of adjusting I had a huge tone going on, and one that really fit the style.  I'm gonna put up a couple samples on my website ASAP just to demonstrate how cool the Boogex is in real-life situations like this!

Great stuff all-around, man--love it.


I just have to convey my absolute joy with the pristine transparency and accuracy afforded by combining polysquasher and elephant at the end of my mastering chain.

This combination is a standout for acoustic instruments and has no equal in the software domain.

Bravo to you and thank you for your work...

David Williams

Just a note (while I am mixing) to thank you for your wonderfully musical and intuitive plugins.  I am primarily involved with recording acoustic flute.  The demands of transparency and musicality in an eq for this purpose are extraordinary.  I have found that Gliss EQ meets the challenge and has resulted in a marked improvement of (and satisfaction with) my final sound.  Bravo!

Sincerely and with gratitude,

David Williams