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Voxengo Stereo Touch free

Stereo Effect Plugin

User Guide (PDF): English, Français
Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
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This is the most natural and effective stereo plug-in I've found.  From a mono original, it spreads out the stage for more natural listening, and approximates what one would hear from 12th row center quite effectively.  Bravo...  Job well done!
Bob Wendel

Stereo Touch is an essential piece of gear to me...on my first effort at engineering a recording of a Native Drum group, I had only one overhead mic at my disposal.  Voxengo ST took the lifeless mono tracks and expanded them to breathtakingly full stereo effects...with it, I was able to capture every male/female voice, every hand rattle, every cough even, to stand out in the mix.  Needless to say, my clients were thrilled after hearing the before and the after with ST.  In my own music, it's a go-to part of kit for vocals and guitars, featured on my latest release, HEAVY MUSE.  Thanks ever so much...and I just downloaded your Delay, based on a heads up from another engineer/producer friend of mine!

Dear Voxengo guys,

Thank you , thank you, thank you!  I just want to express my appreciation for your outstanding products.  There is nothing on the plug-in market even close to the quality you offer.  I have bought seven of your plug-ins and I'm using them in all my productions from now on.  They are just amazing, period.

If you could come up with a vocal tuner as well, I'd buy it faster than lightning.

Many tanks and best wishes to all of you guys!  Kind regards

Daniel Vållberg, Lightyear Sweden
Shreyas Srinivas
Producer, Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer (Mumbai, India)

The GlissEQ and SPAN Plus have been the two most powerful tools in my sessions.  They are on my master bus by default and give me great insight into how my various tracks interact with each other.  It’s all I need to go a little more surgical with overlaps and spillage and control.  The Mid - Side mode is just a blessing!

On the production side of things, I love using the Voxengo LF Max Punch on my bass drops which adds a touch of drive and brings out the oomph with great sustain and control.  Most importantly I love using it quite a bit when working on films and doing a 5.1 mix for some low end LFE goodness.  My subs need to pop as much as my highs need to shimmer and breathe.  The Voxengo Stereo Touch often goes on my mono synth leads and at times on my guitars where I automate the width based on the section of the song along with boosting and reducing some frequencies using the Voxengo HarmoniEQ.

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