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Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Fran├žais, Deutsch
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I just wanted to write a quick thank you note about your free Guitar plugin Boogex.  Initially, I was impressed with it for exactly what you intended it for- creating some nicely charactered distortion for clean guitar sounds.  Since it was on sale, I eventually purchased another guitar distortion software package, and I had a good time with that too.  Then it occured to me that I might try my new guitar sounds on an older project that I was never satisfied with the distortion I had tracked, and as it was recorded in, I had been stuck with it.  I tried the newer, I purchased guitar software and it sounded horrible.  I was a bit depressed.  But then, on a lark, I tried your Boogex software and it worked beautifully!  The improvement to these tracks is huge, and the personal satifaction is great.  To be able to improve something even a bit would have been good, but this improvement was huge and convincing.  I will definately be using this product in the future and looking to purchase plug ins from you as well.  Thank you very much.
Mark LaPierre

I can't recommend the Voxengo Boogex enough - it's just a flawless amp simulator all around.  The sound is crystal clear and wicked, and the awesome distortion you can achieve with the drive turned up is nothing short of staggering.  It just creates a huge sound and offers such a wide variety of ways to tweak the tone.  The easy-to-use grid allows subtle or extreme adjustments to the timbre and overall size of your tone.  This is a perfect VST, bar none.
Mike Klapak

Just wishing Voxengo happy holidays.  Also I can not thank you enough for the free DLs, friends & clients are blown away from the quality of my mixes.  I am definately going to purchase all of the products I need from Voxengo in the future.  Happy holidays from Joe at Big Dummy Recording
Joe Renna Big Dummy Recording
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