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Voxengo Redunoise released - Press Release

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October 12, 2003: The next plug-in Voxengo has brought to you is Redunoise.  Redunoise is a high resolution audio noise reduction system in PC VST plug-in format which delivers an unprecedented quality and offers the most comprehensive control.

Potentially, every person dealing with audio recordings worked with a noisy program material at least several times.  These situations tend to get painful since existing broadband noise reduction processes most of the time get very complicated because from the very start results with them are not always pleasant.  In a search for a better solution we have developed our successful Redunoise.

Broadband noise is basically a very simple entity.  For example, in audio editor it is called `white noise', which you can generate for the given duration.  Cassette and vinyl recordings have plenty of it.  Sometimes recording to the line input of audiocard also leaves a great deal of broadband noise, especially after normalizing.  With such noisy audio sources the natural desire is to reduce this broadband noise content while preserving all necessary musical components which is the most important part of the noise reduction process.

Redunoise uses advanced analysis and filtering approaches offering an unprecedented audio analysis resolution and musically-sounding noise reduction filtering.  Chances are, you will like what Redunoise has to offer in the field of broadband noise reduction.

We must say, however, that Redunoise achieves its performance using a great deal of CPU resources.  You should use at least a 1.3 GHz non-budget processor along with a comparably high audiocard latency.  The second drawback we must stress on is latency.  Redunoise gives nearly 33,000 samples latency.  To lessen the unfortunate side of such huge latency we have implemented analysis display time correction so that the actual audio playback is synced with the picture you see on the display.

Voxengo Redunoise features:

  • High resolution spectrum analysis
  • Analog-prototyped filtering
  • Real-time spectrum display
  • Residual output monitoring
  • Logarithmic/linear scale switch
  • Multilevel undo for each parameter
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Highly optimized assembler DSP
  • Stereo-to-Stereo processing mode
  • Support of sample rates up to 96 kHz
  • Demo factory presets
  • 64-bit internal precision

Do not miss the introductory price offer which is as low as USD 79.  You can find additional information and downloads at the Voxengo web site: