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Just a quick word about Gliss EQ.  This is an excellent EQ that offers the user a different experience with its "dynamic" EQ features.  The filters are smooth, and features are well implemented, and of course the sound quality is excellent as usual with Voxengo.  This plugin is indeed something special.  Thanks to Aleksey and all at Voxengo!
Alan Willey, www.DesertMasters.com

What a cool tool!

The Voxengo GlissEQ was often the rescue, if frequencies did not, what they should ;-)

GlissEq does a super job, if a raising or lowering permanently sucks.  For this the adjustable dynamics are just right!


Dear Aleksey, Our company Online-mastering.com is equipped with the best in analog and digital audio gear.  Your plug-ins are a wonderful addtion to our arsenal of tools.  They are well engineered and what's more important - They sound very good.  A lot of software with ten times the price will sometimes be surpassed by your cool developments.  Good work.  Thanks Voxengo!
Alex Zwarg, Mastering Engineer, Online-mastering
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