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Voxengo GlissEQ

User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
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I've just discovered the Peaking HRM option in GlissEQ.  Wow.  I was working with some difficult acoustic guitar tracks.  These had some harsh frequencies due to room modes and recording in an untreated space.  I've since treated my room and have learned better how to track.  So now I hear all these problems on my older tracks.  Ever time I've tried to fix these tracks by EQing the harsh upper-mid-range, it just takes the life out of the guitar.  Rather than re-record these old tracks (what I should probably do someday), I used the Peaking HRM feature of GlissEQ.  Really amazing, I was able to dramatically improve the tracks, take out the harsh frequencies but leave the body of the track in place.  I'm knocked out how deep I could cut without dulling the sound.  As I improve my tracking and mixing, I'll be using this in much more subtle ways.  I've also found Peaking HRM to be great when used very gently to soften the mid-range harshness and low end mud that inevitably builds up at the mix level.

We find our Voxengo plug-ins to be valuable additions to our collection.  They sound fantastic, use very little CPU power and cost next to nothing.

They hold there own next to many of our much more expensive (and 'famous') plugs.

Thanks guys!  Keep up the good work!
Julian Russell - Owner/Engineer - Magpie Sound Design

It's pretty simple why Voxengo plugins are so good - Alexsey has a better ear compared to other developers.

His plugins sound so 'musical'.  I've used many other plugins that technically perform their designed function, yet somehow just don't sound good.

I now have a whole set of expensive plugins that are just taking up drive space.  They simply don't sound as good as thier Voxengo counterparts.
Mark Briody, guitarist for Jag Panzer (Century Media Records)


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