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Voxengo Boogex

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I found Voxengo Boogex quick to install, up and in use within mins...

This plug-ins was able to produce the varied guitar sound that I wanted in my recording with ease and less taxing on my CPU than seemly vst’s of its kind.

Well Done Voxengo

Terry Arnold. aka 2TEC

terry arnold

I just wanted to write a quick thank you note about your free Guitar plugin Boogex.  Initially, I was impressed with it for exactly what you intended it for- creating some nicely charactered distortion for clean guitar sounds.  Since it was on sale, I eventually purchased another guitar distortion software package, and I had a good time with that too.  Then it occured to me that I might try my new guitar sounds on an older project that I was never satisfied with the distortion I had tracked, and as it was recorded in, I had been stuck with it.  I tried the newer, I purchased guitar software and it sounded horrible.  I was a bit depressed.  But then, on a lark, I tried your Boogex software and it worked beautifully!  The improvement to these tracks is huge, and the personal satifaction is great.  To be able to improve something even a bit would have been good, but this improvement was huge and convincing.  I will definately be using this product in the future and looking to purchase plug ins from you as well.  Thank you very much.
Mark LaPierre

Hi Voxengo folks!  I just wanted to say thanks for the free stuff.  I've been using your EssEQ, TubeAmp, TempoDelay (LOVE this one), and StereoTouch for a while now.  I'm a VST 'hobbyist' who plays with this stuff for fun when I get a bit of spare time, but I'll never make any money from my 'tracks', I just enjoy playing for fun.  Because of the free tools from people like you, I've been able to learn about things I always thought would be out of my reach - like mastering, synth programming, etc.  I love all of this knowledge, and the ability to use my computer for stuff like this, and again, it's thanks to the amazing talent and generosity of people like you!  I wouldn't be able to get involved in this world and learn this stuff if I had to pay for the commercial products, because I can't afford them and it's not a priority to me.  Anyway, this is becoming a long message!  I just wanted to say a big 'thanks', you have honestly played a part in changing my world.
Mike McGrath 'Laserguided' - Ottawa, Canada
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