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Voxengo Boogex

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Voxengo Boogex is simply one of the best amp simulation around! and best of all it's free! it can even outperform some of the top of the line amp sims out there if you really know how to use this great plugin!

One of its best features (IMHO) is its EQ controls which are very responsive.  And of course its speaker and mic emulation provide you with vast variety of sounds from subtle crunch rock to modern heavy sounds.  I'll share you one of my tricks using Voxengo Boogex:

- Run your guitar through any of your favorite stompbox/drive pedal so it provides you distortion & gain.  Yes, direct into your computer.  It may sound odd but record that sound!  You may find the tone very fuzzy but this is where BOOGEX comes into picture.  Call it up in your VST plugins and turn OFF the DRIVE knob! then customize your EQ, Tone, Dynamics, Phase, Gain Levels, then select your AMP & MIC! (many to choose from, my fave is the Cabinet 6 SM57) Presto! you'll get a very nice Mic'd Amped Drive tone without even lugging your amp or fixing mic positions!  Is that easy!


More power to the team of Voxengo!

Jam Bumanlag, Squad Rehearsals Studios

I am a regular user of Voxformer and Elephant, they are in every mix that I do, I recently needed punch up a guitar to give it a real lead feel and Boogex was just the ticket to a great sound.  Boogex is another winner in your arsenal.
John Rettberg

Dear Aleksey, Our company Online-mastering.com is equipped with the best in analog and digital audio gear.  Your plug-ins are a wonderful addtion to our arsenal of tools.  They are well engineered and what's more important - They sound very good.  A lot of software with ten times the price will sometimes be surpassed by your cool developments.  Good work.  Thanks Voxengo!
Alex Zwarg, Mastering Engineer, Online-mastering
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