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Voxengo User Survey

Please take a moment to answer the following questions.  Your answers are kept confidential and are used by Voxengo staff internally to improve the quality of the software.  You may provide answers to any categories of your choice, skip categories you do not want to spend time on.

How often do you use side-chaining (ducking) in compressors (if such feature is available)?
Which Voxengo plug-in interface size you are usually using?
How often do you use a MIDI controller surface (with knobs or faders) to control audio effect plug-ins via automation or via plug-in's built-in MIDI CC/learn function?
Do you prefer linear-phase equalizers/crossovers to conventional (analog, minimum-phase) ones, when both options are available in an audio plug-in?
What is your favorite Voxengo plug-in color scheme?
Have you ever witnessed your audio application's crash, hangup or audio feedback/overload most probably caused by Voxengo plug-in?