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Voxengo User Survey

Please take a moment to answer the following questions.  Your answers are kept confidential and are used by Voxengo staff internally to improve the quality of the software.  You may provide answers to any categories of your choice, skip categories you do not want to spend time on.

What kind of plug-in interface look will get your money?
Which form of the sound processing plug-ins do you like the most?
Is side-chaining in a compressor plug-in an absolute must for you to buy it?
Which equalizer gain range do you find most universal, from the point of view of both convenience and usefulness?
If you ever used any "automatic" mixing and mastering plugins (that offer, for example, automatic equalizing, fader level automation), do you think these plugins are effective for multiple situations and sound sources?
Which plug-in formats do you need absolutely?
How many frequency bands do you want to control in a plug-in (except equalizer)?
What kind of audio plug-in distribution do you prefer?
How much control over plug-in's parameters do you prefer?
Do you believe that "automatic" mixing and mastering plugins (like automatic dynamic range compression, equalizing, multitrack mixing) can be effective?