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It doesn't really get any better than this; the best SRC you'll ever hear, and it is completely free.  I currently use it with Wavelab and it is absolutely flawless.  Highly recommended to anyone interested in pristine SRC.
Jack Braglia, Mastering Engineer at Vital Mastering

I have been really impressed with the sound quality results using this sample rate converter.  Downsampling from 192/24 to 44/16 has given high quality results in terms of subjective listening, and I have also used it for upsampling 44/16 to 48/16 with excellent results. (I always use the highest quality setting.) If you really care about the audio quality of digital music and are using high quality files, I recommend using this converter.  I have tested it against most of the other well known options and I find it subjectively the best for resampling music.
Julie Lawrence

I once had r8brain but lost it after computer upgrades etc ,its a very handy little plugin to have.  Its nice to record at 96khz bandwidth for the benefits it gives,but I find doing mixing at this samplerate taxes the system and every plugin turns into a potential cpu hog.  So I'm glad I remembered about r8brain to help me out in the file sample rate conversion dpt'.

thankx again

I recently had a whole bunch of files sent over to a studio in London from France at 24bit 48k and i really needed them at 24bit 44.1k for additional instrumentation..I use Mac and PCs..I searched the internet and only found 2 effective products: r8brain and Barbabatch.  I found Barbabatch was overloaded with unnecessary features to try and justify its expense. r8brain was FREE and sounds AS GOOD as Barbabatch and way better than the internal conversion on Logic.  I am writing this while my files are batch converting...thanks!
Diamond Duggal - record producer Shania Twain, Pras, Apache Indian, Swami

r8brain saved my day (after finding out, that the batch-converter in adobe's audition couldn't automatically save the destination-files in the same channel-format (mono/stereo) like the source-files. you have to choose to save them all mono or all stereo ...)

thanks for this converter and for fixing the little bugs within one day!!!

Dandruff [Outburst Audio]

It works perfect; Solved my problem; is FREE; outstanding performance :)

I decided you deserved my testimonial.  Thank you for the excellent services :)


The resampling sounds absolutely great !

Even with drastic downsampling, it is still punchy and bright !

Your product is near to be perfect....the only missing thing is the pipe option (stdin/out -)

Thank you very much !

Heep, with his bad english...

I Felt that Using Your Converter Was Very Helpful, And It has Aided My Music Production Experience.  Not Only Is It Easy to use it was simple and i had a good choice of what i wanted to do. so thank you for providing a free Studio Grade Audio Converter.  A Wonderful Product
DJ Mar "N" Dean

R8brain is the best rate converter I tried.  I found other professional programs always change sound, even making 44100 from 48000. r8brain - doesn't.  It saves the sound, harmonics, dymanics, even converting 96000 to 44100 the result we get is very close to original.  R8brain is just perfect, this tool is a must-have for any home and project studio.  And also it is free!

As a home studio owner I have a very limited budget when it comes to my DAW.  I use the Kristal Audio Engine as my main DAW along with Sound Forge 6 for mastering.  A few months back I got in a "pickle"......I had recorded an entire CD worth of music using another DAW.  When I tried to load it into KAE it sounded like the band was on speed!  I needed 48k but everything was recorded at 41k.  A fellow KAE user (THANKS DOUG!) turned me on to the r8Brain converter, and I have to say it was a God send!  Easy to use, small and quick, even on my P3 700mHz system with 640mb of ram.  The conversion went well, and sounded great, clear and clean with no artifacts at!  How can you folks put out one of the best pieces of software I have ever used for free?  You can bet that as my studio makes a few more bucks some of it is coming your way!  THANK YOU!