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Great plugin! i love how it can be customized, everything nice, big, easy to read, and accurate. all that for free, what a wonderful world we live in
Dominic Dot Okune

Superb SPAN!  Solo voice narration is challenging to record well.  There's nothing to mask even slight noises.  With the help of SPAN, I have been able to upgrade my noise floor right across the spectrum, and review vocal habits.  Greatly superior to anything used before.  Can measure right down to digital nothingness, and resolve tight filter settings.  Perfect.  Big thanks to you Aleksey.
Howard Ellison (Devon UK)

If you ever discontinue the Gliss EQ, um... we will no longer be friends, haha.  It is my ultimate secret weapon for channels, busses and mastering chain.  You couldn't pry it from my cold dead virtual hands!  Spend the time and get to know this plugin as intimately as possible.  Used skillfully, no other parametric graphic EQ comes close to it.  NOTHING!
Alien Implant (artist and mastering engineer)

Hi! just droping by to say that the Elephant is a truly amazing limiter, I use the Slate FG mastering plugin for the clipping capabilities, but always put the Elephant after it for a truly finished, clean and loud master.  I've been using it for years, and I'm still re-discovering! great job!!!


Cristobal Tapia de Veer

Soniformer has proved to be an incredible tool for controlling low frequency content without having to statically cut into the low-end.  I am very pleased with its transparent sound and it has already contributed to great sounding masters for my clients.  I have also used it with some success taming harsh high-mid content.  I am really glad to have it in my tool box.
Luke Gilfeather - Mastering Engineer -


Dear Voxengo guys,

Thank you , thank you, thank you!  I just want to express my appreciation for your outstanding products.  There is nothing on the plug-in market even close to the quality you offer.  I have bought seven of your plug-ins and I'm using them in all my productions from now on.  They are just amazing, period.

If you could come up with a vocal tuner as well, I'd buy it faster than lightning.

Many tanks and best wishes to all of you guys!  Kind regards

Daniel Vållberg, Lightyear Sweden

Friendly greetings Aleksey!

I wanted to thank you directly for Voxengo Elephant.  Every time a new limiter comes out on the market, I test it thoroughly versus Elephant, but ALL contenders to date (over the last four years) have been crushed at Elephant's massive feet.  Despite compelling marketing copy, those competitors simply can't handle the extreme dynamics and transients I throw at Elephant, which rides the peaks a lot more transparently.  The TRANS TIME knob is magic — if I hear unwanted distortion in a saturated track rich with ambience, I simply turn it up and the ugliness is gone.  I can retain a good balance between punch and clarity, something which is unintuitively difficult in "other limiters".

You should know that I used Elephant on my album that won the Spectrasonics-Bob Moog Foundation's OMG-1 Grand Prize: From phat breakbeats to eloquent arpeggiators, Elephant is versatile and able to treat it all.  Elephant's high-quality at low-latency makes it possible to use in a "realtime mastering chain", which is essential to my workflow and makes it easy to hear the near-final result instantly.  Plus, auto-oversampling works like a charm.

What's more, EVERYONE out there should know how mature and stable Elephant is.  It's almost a decade old, wow!  Long ago, I grew irritated with lesser limiters that didn't keep backward compatibility modes in mind, since that inconsistency wastes time.  But I'm glad that although Elephant continues to be in active development, it has really settled into a beautiful place in my creation process.

On top of all this, Elephant's price continues to provide the best bang-for-buck.  What incredible value for a truly versatile tool!

Keep being creative — you've truly made it easier for musicians like me to make our music shine.

Torley Wong (Whidbey Island, Washington)

If you could see my list of vst plugins and dxi plugins of every brand I have to choose from you wouldn't believe it.  When trying to make a choice as to what to use when processing a track or mix, I would usually turn to the most expensive and name brand plugins in my arsenal.  One day I noticed I was turning more to Voxengo plugins.  When I was auditioning various plugins to find the most usable processing for a particular track, I found myself time after time returning to Voxengo plugins, and for goodness sakes, these were the free plugins.  I remember one day the light went on and I thought," you know what?  These are very good plugins!" I have been engineering for nearly 35 years and now that I have my own personal studio, I will always audition Vorengo plugins first, why waste valuable time trying anything else.
Jackie Dixon

I just use few plugins for do my works and Now i using Voxformer for my work's.It make my work's easy and also it's easy to learn.So i highly recommend Voxformer is one of the best VST plugin I ever use.Thanks so much for such a great product!

Voxengo Elephant is hands down my favorite limiter.  I own a lot of different limiters, and prior to purchasing Elephant, found myself having to test several per song in an attempt to find the one that did the least damage with its limited features and distinct characteristics.  Eventually I'd find something that worked OK but I never felt as satisfied with the sound as I do with Elephant.  I'm grateful to Aleksey for adding in a lot of important features, features that many others seem content on leaving out, and for giving us the ability to tinker around under the hood for more complex setups.  It can be a little daunting at first trying to understand what everything does, but with a little perseverance, it all begins to make sense and then you truly realize how powerful and flexible this limiter really is.  It excels at remaining transparent even at extreme levels and with a bit of fine tuning, is the best limiter I have in my arsenal for those clients looking for maximum level with as much of the transient clarity intact.  Of course there's a point where it all begins to fall apart, but Elephant has the ability to go farther than the rest.