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Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed using Tube Amp and the very elegant and subtle Lampthruster, whose quality is a bit mind boggling.  Really nice work.
Tad Spurgeon

Elephant - downloaded the demo.  This program has some really unusual qualities.  It is transparent, yet can be used to create a sound with impact and precision.  Other limiters which I own are either loud at the expense of detail (we all know which one that is!), or detailed yet simply can't achieve the hot levels required by pratically all the people I've ever worked with.  Good, sensible price too.  Im a very happy owner of CurveEQ, and will be purchasing your product for my new project.  Many thanks.
Ambrose Field - Multichannel Sound Design - Ars Electronica International Prize Winner

I just wanted to write in to say a big "thank you" on behalf of our company, Opus Productions ltd, for the superb plugins we have got from Voxengo.  We currently own CurveEQ, GlissEQ, Pristine Space, Impulse Modeller, Deconvolver & R8Brain and we fully intend to get the rest as soon as finances permit.  I cannot praise these highly enough - there is nothing that we do not like about the EQ's and the sound quality is as good as we have found anywhere else.  GlissEQ is brilliant across groups, whilst CurveEQ sits on the master buss in just about every stereo track we produce.  PristineSpace is also a "must" for anyone interested in Convolution.  Not only is it far more controllable than the Waves IR-1, it is under a quarter the price and has multichannel architecture to boot - up to 8 different IR can be loaded in each instance.  Thank you again.  We will be buying the mastering plugins very soon now.
Neil Wilkes - Opus Productions Ltd, UK

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Yuri Naumov, I'm a blues guitar player and songwriter, currently living in New York City.  Few months ago I digitally remastered my album Violet (originally recorded in 1995) and for the final step (24/96 to 16/44.1 conversion) used your free r8brain program - with fabulous results!  I would like to express my respect and gratitude for your talent and dedication.
Yuri Naumov

I want you to know I am VERY happy with CurveEQ and Polysquasher.  In reality mastering is performed with expensive analog gear inside a special room.  These two plugins get me as close to mastering as I can get for someone who does home recording for his own enjoyment, only without spending the big dollars.  Nothing I have tried to date can come close to these plugins.  You do very good work and I wish you the best of success.
Robert Bruno

I just wanted to take the time to say how happy I am with your Voxengo Elephant HQ plug in.  I used it on my latest project and the level of control I had on the Mix was very satisfying.  I can't believe how transparent the Limiting is.  All I can hear is my Mix and its hard to believe that it can sound so clear and full.  I'll be telling others of your plugs and I plan on buying some of your other products.  Hope business is going well for you.  Keep up the good work.
Tracy Crum - Jamtrax Music Productions

I found that both the Voxengo Elephant and Soniformer plugins have become an invaluable addition to my mastering setup.  Elephant helps add that extra volume without adding the squishy sound of some of the other tools out there.  And Soniformer is a fantastic dynamic EQ...  I can't live without them...
George Leger III - Juno Award Winning Mastering Engineer, and author of VTC "Logic Audio 6" training CD.