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After purchasing your mixing and mastering tools, and others.  My product has improved significantly.  I was having trouble getting airplay before because of sonic reasons.  As stated in previous correspondence if has been a financial hardship but the rewards are starting to pay off, perhaps because I own them I have a little more pride in my work.  After a couple more purchases I will be using Voxengo exclusively.
Tyler Patterson

Last August a friend of mine who mixes and engineers in Nashville (Ocean Way, The Sound Kitchen, the Carport, etc..) had totally recommended the Voxformer plug-in as a worthy investment (he's a Nuendo user and I'm still Logic on a PC).  I had visited your site and heard good reports, but just never downloaded anything.  So I was playing a session this week and the same guy engineered - when I asked what his fav "go-to" plug-in was, he said (without any pause!) "Voxengo Voxformer-killer channel strip".  Soooo...I bought it today after a long extended 2 or 3 minute trial use.  Guys - this sounds like a real analog channel - this rules.  I am just amazed - on snare it's snapping and focused-totally cool.  Thanks for a great (did I say killer?) product.  Now do I have to try more of your stuff?  Is this like an addiction?  Thanks - and yes - it's the best deal ever in the plug-in world.
Tim Bushong

You know I did not really understand how a good reverb could enhance the sound of a drumkit.  I am amazed that it can sound so good.  With a room reverb they sound larger and right there in the mix.  I certainly appreciate the ability to use impulses from so many different hardware units and real spaces.  Also the ability to change the latency as well as the CPU loading.  I really did um and ahh about buying this plug............could it really do much for me?  I use the UAD dsp plugins and I thought Dreamverb was really good, well it is but not as real as Pristine Space.  Thank you for the best J100 I have spent.  Keep up the good work.
Dave Riggs

In the six months I've been using your plugins I haven't had any technical issues at all.  In fact, they are the only plug-ins that I use to the point of having de-installed almost every other plug-in on my system.  As a software engineer, I'm amazed at the quality of your products... especially amazing since they're written in native assembler.  I just bought the AnalogFlux suite and so far, it looks like another winner.
Paul Blanco

I thought I'd drop you a note just to say that I have no negative issues with the plugins.  I like using all the ones I have and love the sound.  I find them easy to use and understand.  The pricing seems very fair to me as well.  I also wanted to especially note the look of the plugs.  I prefer the straight forward layouts as opposed to very elaborate GUI's or emulations of "vintage" looking devices.
Garry Wasyliw

I recently purchased LampThruster.  I am using it on final mixes and it is the missing link in my chain.  You display a wonderful sense of musicality in all your creations.  They are by far the most musical tools I've found.  I actually think of them as instruments.  LampThruster gives me the warm yet distinct sound I've been searching for for years.  The best way I can describe what it does is this: it allows you to hear the space between the notes.  Sounds become distinct because of the space that separates them from other sounds.  LampThruster allows me to ehnance the sound characteristics of various instruments so that they become very sonically distinct without being brittle.  The controls are very usable.  You can really crank them without destroying the sound.  The EQ section is superb when coupled with the "Floor" and "Thruster" controls.  Thank you for superb, musical products.  I own 4 of your VST plugins: they are all high quality and very musical.
David R.  Katz

I just recently purchased your HarmoniEQ and am totally amazed by it.  Normally I try your demo's and like most of them but talk myself out of buying most, I could not talk myself out of buying HarmoniEQ.  It does not colour my audio in any way and is very easy to use.  It is truly a Nasty (meaning Very good) plugin, and is superior to alot of EQ's that cost far more. "Please" keep up the good work!  This is super nasty, Nasty, Nasty, Nasty.  If you crap on other developers like this again they may get offended!  HarmoniEQ is truly a Great piece of work!
Halbert Austin

Today I purchased my first Voxengo plugin the GlissEQ.  To date i have always steered clear of what i thought were Voxengo cheap plugins as i already have have all the UAD, Powercore, TC & Sony plugins.  But i am truly amazed at the GlissEQ even more so as my TC Dynamic EQ cost me 6 times more than the GlissEQ and doesn't have the export FFT spectrum display.  Thank you and well done!
Colin Bassett - Director, 5am Records Limited, UK

It is very hard to find something bad to say about your plugs.  You have helped me make giant leaps in terms of mastering.  As you know, I own most of your plugins and will continue to do so.
Patrick de Caumette

Your products have consistently served me well, and I thank you for it.  Elephant is a home studio godsend.  Thanks from someone who really appreciates the quality of your work and how affordable you make it.
Dan Cray