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Thank you for offering that efficient tool with a simple installer.

I'll consider buying a plugin when I'll have some money.


I feel like saying thank You for giving CURVE EQ the audio world.

I am using CurveEQ for several situations in mastering.  But for some time I was also working heavily on changing listening setups on lower SPL levels to be used in mastering as the most important first step is to find the right spectrum balance for every music in every genre.

Due to the strong effect of ISO226/Fletcher Munson I found CurveEQ as THE tool to be used in a mastering setup to make perfect basic EQ decisions on 10dB! lower listening levels from normed reference SPL levels (79 to 85 dB SPL), which are sometimes really annoying for sensitive ears.

CurveEQ appeared as the only tool to manage this job accurately!

Michael Schneider - Audio Mastering

I have the bundle of your plugins, which I use mainly for voice-overs on our story podcasts.  They are all great, especially for adding a hint of vintage sound.  My current favourite is Prime EQ.  It's a hidden gem.  It's a very easy-to-use EQ, but what I especially appreciate is that it adds a "pure" quality and it brings clarity and life to a track.  Cпасибо большое!
Hugh Fraser.  Storynory Podcast.  UK.

Greetings from Australia!

In the last couple of days I upgraded my Elephant to v.5 after not having used it for sometime.  It absolutely 'blew me away', I'd totally forgotten how good it is.

I'm using it on my drum buss and stereo buss in Cubase 12 Pro, it really kicks ass(!) and has an amazing set of options and clarity if that's what is needed in any given project.

I also use MSED, Crunchessor, Varisaturator, Span and Transgainer with very pleasing results.

In my opinion Voxengos tools are right at the top with the best, and often better than the very expensive ones.

I'd say money spent on Voxengo products is money well spend, thank you, Aleksey. :)

Mauri Berg

This thing is incredibly versatile and will go from transparent and super-clean to growly and snarly.  I mostly use it as a bass amp sim, usually running the signal in parallel with a clean DI track.  Sounds very "real" and snappy, gives life to the mids of the bass track like few other plugs will.

The included IRs are very handy too!  The second one in, a beta52 4x12 impulse, is my go-to for quick and dirty bass sounds now.  Sounds rich and smooth with just enough top end to pop through the mix without being too obtrusive.

The fact that this is free is hard to believe.  Take my money!!!

Mat Turner

Incredible free plugin!  Just today it saves me from the limits coded in Cubase mixer level metering (below -86dB is equal to "minus infinity"...  OMG... and I found VEEEERY FAST where the fu*k are coming all that unwanted plugin artifacts, noise, harsh, etc...

Great job Voxengo! :)

Lorenzo Ciuciat

I'm using this EQ for headphone curve correction.  It's the only one i know that is able to import csv files.  I am able to use APO headphone profiles with more than 600 EQ bands.  CurveEQ is indispensable in my chain.  I use it every single time I mix.
Max Ivanov

When Aleksey says the product will 'do this and that thing' to the source material, it's easy to trust those words.

As it says on the overview of Deft Compressor:

"The characteristic feature of this compressor is its ability to produce “slim” and “slick” sounding compression, with intelligibility enhancement effect."

That is exactly what you're gonna get with this.  It's amazingly transparent in the way it handles audio.  My first time properly using it with a vocal, it didn't audibly squash the loud parts.  It just gives you the character of the source you give it, but more even, and more slim and slick, and more intelligible.  I know that's what the product overview said, but I have no better way to describe what it does.


I've been eyeing Voxformer for a while and finally decided to buy it.  After using it on two mixes, I believe it is THE ideal channel strip for a digital setup.

Here's why:

1.  The EQ comes with 5 bands so you have less decision fatigue, and you can bandpass preview the spectrum using ctrl/cmd+click to really determine where you want to add/subtract energy.  There is also no cramping in the higher frequencies when using peaking filters.

2.  The compressor crossover function allows for easy management of the dynamics of certain instruments' low end and high end/midrange, separately.

3.  The presence function can really make the vocals sit just right, either by increasing the high end or (and I didn't know this was possible) by making it warmer.

4.  The preview/delta solo available for the de-esser (and the other functions have it too).

5.  It has a gate.  It works.

6.  Voxengo presets in general work out of the box, and if not they're a really good starting point.

7.  The saturation sounds amazing.

8.  Super low CPU usage!  Most of the popular channel strips (BX consoles, Waves SSL EV2, etc) aren't nearly as CPU efficient.

9.  THE fastest workflow.  Faster than individual EQs and compressors on tracks, and faster than "analog modeled" channel strips, even without using presets.

Would heartily recommend this.  I was surprised at being able to reach -8 LUFS in the mixing stage without any limiting, with the widest, clearest sound I've been able to get so far.  I attribute that purely to the workflow and ease of use of Voxformer.


The best OBS plugin.  Remove ambient noise from your microphone with this plugin.