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This compressor is so good, so easy to use, so forgiving even at higher levels of gain reduction.  It's become my go to compressor while tracking.  And the subtle saturation when it's pushed is sooo good!  Most times I don't even think to change the attack and release settings.  I also have the Marquis Compressor which might be more versatile (maybe, but Crunchessor is already so versatile), but this one's so easy to dial in.

Span is an excellent plugin!  The features are productive and intelligent; and the information is so useful in the workflow!  Especially, control-click to preview a frequency, and right-click to copy is right on.  Viewing the pitch as well as frequency is great among others, and the density meter too.  Plus the M-S mode is a great plus.  All the rest is excellent!  Keep it up!
Steven Coco

I was addicted and used to using a plugin from a company that no longer exists today. and for a while i thought i wouldn't find something i really like. after trying a lot I got to know the elephant!!  What a wonderful job!  Congratulations to all your developers! for now I bought the ebus limiter which is an elephant module but which has already solved my life. but soon I'll buy the complete elephant because I still have it demo!  Congratulations and best wishes!
Filipi Marcos de Souza

I've been using Vox plugs since June 2006 and have purchased many different others since then, but I tend to gravitate right back to Voxformer, Crunchessor, and Span.  Thanks Aleksey.
35 Radios

This thing is awesome!!  First the 2 compressors work well and easy to dial in quickly.  The desser is really good especially when using the spoken word in a recording as well.  The eq is gentle, but power and filled with clarity.  I just bought it tonight and can see this will be a real go to… You don’t have to have a PHD in that everything is simple and straightforward.  Yes, and the oversampling is crazy good.  I look forward to using this more in the future..  Any doubts DEMO it, but have your wallet real close by you’re going to need it.
Neil Skipworth

r8brain does exactly what you expect.  Quality software.  The non-existing startup time made me smile.  Some people still know how to write software that doesn't suck.
Edvin Holm

This was one of my favorite free guitar amp sims in version 1.  I wasn't too crazy about version 2, but Voxengo 3 is an awesome update of the original, excellent for any sound you can imagine in your head, endlessly tweakable on account of the parametric EQ tonestack that replaces the usual preset bass-mid-treble-presence layout.  The sound engine is a major quality upgrade to an already great sounding amp sim, and the new dynacab feature, while a little confusing until you RTM, really adds depth to the speaker possibilities, including loading your own IRs.

Here is my video demo.

Rich Rath

CurveEQ has beyond exceeded my expectations.  I got it through the premium package and I've tried so many of the plugins and they're all really really good, but curveEQ is just next level.

First of all, drawing the EQ line is absolutely genius.  So intuitive and easy to modify and work with.  Redrawing small sections of the curve is insanely easy and it's just fun to use.

Second, the EQ sounds perfect.  I don't use that word lightly.  I've tried virtually every combination of plugins and the music always sounds really cool but I end up needing like 3-4 plugins going to get perfect sound, and my Macbook just isn't capable of doing that much processing.

After setting up CurveEQ I found that I just had no need for any other plugins because of how complete the sound is.  It balances the bass with the highs perfectly so you never feel like songs are too heavy or too light.  I can pick out every drum kick of this Biggie song I'm listening too, and each component has just the right amount of kick and punch to it.

Absolute perfection.

Paul Seelman

Wow!  Voxengo knocked it out of the park again with Peakbuster.  I've long recommended TEOTE, and this seems to be the perfect-pairing!  It's different enough that you want both.

I can't explain what it does -- all I know is it makes my songs sound better.  Not in a way that has artifacts, like some other 'betterizers'...  Peakbuster "just works" without adding any fatiguing side effects.  It adds the kind of magic that when you turn it off --- you turn it back on as quickly as possible and think, "What would I have done if I didn't have this?!"

You think you're done with your mix and then Peakbuster adds something better that you didn't even know you needed, but once you hear it you don't want to remove it.

I'm using Peakbuster with TEOTE, Marquis Compressor, Elephant Limiter, and Span Plus.  I EQ on my submix busses, so that's a perfect Voxengo mixbus mastering chain for me.

I'm always happy when I get a plugin that I can use on every track, and all 5 of those fit that bill.  Peakbuster is outstanding!

Junkyard Sam

I use this on nearly everything, including master channels.  Brilliant.  Just discovered mid/side...  YES