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Absolutely the best free EQ that I have used!  Very warm "tube like" sound, very useful.  Unbelievable free plug-in from Voxengo again!
Julian Janev - mixing and mastering engineer

I would like to add that your free plugins are among the most useful in the world.  I regularly use MSED, SoundDelay, and others.  Just want to show my deep appreciation for your generosity.  These are not gimmicky plugins.  They are stalwart workhorses in my toolbox. ...and they sound vastly superior to Logic's plugins of similar purpose.
M Olsen

Its a very transparent brickwall limiter with a very high accuracy.  I was immediately convinced at first hearing and my productions sounds much better now !

Every guitar track I have used this plugin on sounds better than before.  The presets are absolutely fantastic and yet they don't even begin to scratch the surface of the level of customization available to you.  The fact that this is free absolutely staggers my imagination because as someone who exclusively uses free plugins this is the first I have ever downloaded and immediately looked for a donation button to express how insanely good and worthy it is.

If you play guitar you need to try this.  You can enhance your clean tone, give the gift of crunch, overdrive a signal, tweak your EQ, and just make your signal sound more like you want.

Joshua Kennedy


I wanted to reply and let you know how much I enjoy using your products.  I run a small, professional studio in San Diego, CA and own a large plug-in library.  Voxengo products hold their own against their Waves counterparts and are always a part of the process here.  Keep up the great work, it is sincerely special in an industry inundated with garbage.


David Hillshafer

Great professional encoder and decoder for free!  Very clean and transperant sound, very useful!  Hi quality and natural sound from Voxengo as always! :-)
Julian Janev - mixing and mastering engineer

Very warm, very clean, very useful!  I didn't expect such a great warm sounding tube drive from a free plug-in!  I'm using it on almost every project and now I'm gonna get Voxengo Warmifier for sure :-)
Julian Janev - mixing and mastering engineer

Nice piece of software...  Like all your products!

I love to use Voxengo SPAN nice job guys.It really works great.

I have various match EQ plugins including the one in LOGIC and the one in Ozone but this one is by far the most useful as I can export my EQ curves as .CSV files.  This means I can use them in a hardware DSP, where for example I don't want the latency.  I can also import a .csv curve, which means I can use my calibrated microphones, import their respective curves and create a recording with a totally flat response.  I can also create .csv curves Room EQ WIzard, which means I can use this as a measuring tool, then get my EQ into my software, where it is preferable to having it in hardware.  So I have created a hardware version of the ARC curve for my room on my master output.  And I have the EQ curves of various signal chains in AU/VST.  The one feature I think is missing for me is a better understanding of how the Q works on each filter band.  It would be useful to have an EQ calculator for those times when you see a fairly simple curve which you could dial into a parametric where exact EQ is not so critical.  An example of this is that I was trying to match two guitar pickups and only had limited EQ to do it.  I measured them using Curve EQ and I could see a fairly simple curve.  It would be nice to have an overlay showing potential settings for 2 or 3 band EQ that could be dialled into hardware to get a similar sound.  I am sure there is a formula somewhere to approximate EQ with a few bands of parametric but I probably wouldn't understand it ;/)
Mark Tinley