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There are many great useful plug-in tools out there, no doubt, but once in a while a truly brilliant plug-in is developed.  TEOTE belongs to the second categroy for me, whether as a subtle spectral balancer in a mastering scenario or as a very musical sounding repair tool for poorly recorded live recordings.  It is able to refresh and balance the sound with a very natural organic and dynamic feel, free of swishy FFT artefacts that some other spectral balancing tools out there have.  Brilliant!  Love it
Wolfram - black scarlet music

I must add a review to point out that this plug-in has more uses than at first meets the eye.

You may use it to construct a Dolby ProLogic (r) encoder so that your stereo material is compatible with all the Hi-Fi amps, televisions, game consoles that provide surround sound from a two channel delivery format.

The specifications for all modern surround formats have this in common; that they extract the surround channels from the out-of-phase "S" component of the stereo stream.

The surround L and surround R signals.

The encoding process is the same for all Dolby 2 channel systems, whereas the decoders built into Dolby certified equipment varies in complexity and channel count.

To encode Dolby compatible material, you need to set up a stereo AUX bus with the Voxengo Phase plugin, apply a short delay to both channels and a +90 degrees phase shift to the L channel and a -90 degree phase shift to the R channel.

All channels you want to have appear in your rear speakers will have to have in addition to going to the main stereo bus, a send to the AUX channel.  The send should have a pan pot so you can send the signal to either channel of the Aux bus.

When you increase the level of the send, you'll hear that the sound moves from front to back in accordance with your send level.  The panning of the send will determine if the sound emirates from the left or right surround speakers.  The mix between the send and the main stereo content will determine the fromt/back placement.

For a description of the levels and specifications, see this link:

This plug-in is the only one (and I've tested a lot!) that actually offers a true 90 degrees phase shift across the frequency range and that works as a surround encoder.  The quality of the sound is pristine, and I'm happy to have found this gem!

Paal Rasmussen, sound engineer

This is the most natural and effective stereo plug-in I've found.  From a mono original, it spreads out the stage for more natural listening, and approximates what one would hear from 12th row center quite effectively.  Bravo...  Job well done!
Bob Wendel

In a market saturated by modeled plugins and 'unique concept' plugins, Voxengo continues to maintain a niche right in the middle.  Their plugins are functional, stable, easy to work with and have a natural organic sound.  They are not emulations of 'prized' classic gear, nor are they bloated A.I driven multi-tools with masking meters and fancy 'learn' buttons; they are easy to use affordable problem solving tools that sacrifice nothing in sound quality or euphonics.

The PHA-979 is a an excellent example: it is a phase and time correction plugin - the kind of tool one uses to reduce or eliminate phase cancellation between microphones or other problematic multi-channel sources.

But PHA-979 is not like other phase correction plugins.  For one thing, it is Linear Phase, which means that phase adjustments are equal across the spectrum; LP rotation makes it possible to correct phase cancellations across the frequency spectrum, unlike 'analog' (minimum phase) tools, which typically force a compromise.. (if you still want to use minimum phase correction, PHA will do that too).

Second, it has a time (distance) adjustment included, so you can deal with all your phase issues in one plugin.  It also has a handy calculator that converts samples to milliseconds, and applies the result to the appropriate knob (you can zoom in on two sources in your DAW, determine the number of samples between the two, enter it into the handy calculator and hit 'enter,' and your sources will have the same start time).

And for good measure, PHA comes with an FFT style phase indicator, so you can see which frequencies are in phase, which ones are out and which ones are in between.

PHA-979 is a lifesaver with poorly recorded drum kits; its unique combination of tools and meters greatly reduce the time required to make a kit sound like it was miked up properly in the first place.

I have yet to see another phase correction tool that does linear phase rotation, much less one that is this easy to work with.

Did I mention that it sounds good?

George Piazza

No project is complete without this plugin!  It is insanely convenient, gives an accurate display of the stereo field and does not load the computer processor.  Thank you!  Regards, Team Arefyev Studio

TEOTE is a very compelling new mixing/mastering plugin!  I have been putting it through it's paces in both Logic Pro X and Acoustica with a variety of program material from electronic-based pop to guitar-based rock tracks and am really liking the distinct but subtle 'polish' it adds.  I particularly like the ease with which you can dial in the desired sound and the resolution options.

I definitely plan on incorporating TEOTE in to sessions regularly.  Thanks so much to Aleksey and the team at Voxengo!!

Alan - Indie Musician, Producer, Engineer

This plugin is amazing for sound design, being able to just rebalance broken sounds and mess with them further is just an insane timesaver.  Highly recommend TEOTE for a wide variety of mixing tasks as well.

The CRTIV Reverb 2 delivers the highest and warmest quality reverb I have ever used.  I have a bunch of vintage rack mounted reverb effects and after using this for live performances on Jamkazam, I don't reminisce anymore.  There are multiple settings which profoundly change the effect with a simple logical interface.  I have been using it for my trumpet playing and I get constant positive remarks on my tone and reverb.  Thanks!

Frank Visconti

Thank you for this great freebee.  Since a little comes a long way in certain situations it would be really great to have a smaller operation range like +/- 3 db for the sliders.

There is no greater value in the world of plug-ins than Voxengo.  GlissEQ is a masterpiece that always provides beautiful and musical results.  The large number of filter types (18) in GlissEQ is a real plus.  So is the spectrum analyzer provided with all Voxengo equalizers, which eliminates any guesswork.  I especially appreciate the presets provided with each plugin as a starting point, easy mid/side processing, and the ability to manually control so many parameters in each plugin.  The combination of GlissEQ, VariSaturator, TransGainer, and Elephant provide an unlimited palette of sound sculpting options.
John Geisel