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Vocal Plugin

User Guide (PDF): English, Fran├žais, Deutsch
Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Fran├žais, Deutsch

I was looking for something like the VC-64 that comes in Sonar for my new Reaper Setup.

After playing with it for an hour i was hooked.  The Voxformer is not only a good vocal compressor, it also features a very pleasing saturation algorythm and routhing capabilities that makes it usefull for a lot of situation.  It has instantly become one of my go-to plugins

Great product !

Alexis -Alxi- Roy Studio SoundBox

As good as waves NLS with the option to design console saturation, tube harmonics and Tube Grit and distortion, this is THE CONSOLE EMULATOR, it is what lampthruster was trying to achieve which I still have and use often.  The sound is Exceptional and I rate voxengo FX as an alternative for musical enthusiasts who cant afford the big name FX, but voxengo FX are even better than some of the "suggested by pros" FX vsts and give many a run for their money.  Soniformer 3 is the best processor for mastering I have ever used with the only downside being the processor hit and it has an excellent vintage tape vibe

This last week, I upgraded one of my computers from Windows XP to Win7.  I did this by completely reformatting my partition, and installing everything from scratch.

When it came time to install and authorize all my Voxengo plugs, I was delighted to find something no regular user encounters on a day to day basis - that there is a means to authorize all my licensed Voxengos in a single action.  That is some very clever and very considerate programming, and greatly appreciated by someone faced with the tedious task of installing and authorizing dozens of programs and plugins.

Voxengo plugins are an integral part of my working process now, and just about everything I turn out has been touched in one way or another by your work.  Thanks very much for the great sound, and the little touches that are the product of great programming.

Frank Lockwood
Karl Mohr (Multibeat Creative)
Sound Design & Audio Post, Mixing, Mastering Engineer (Toronto, Canada)
IMAX Space Team, Low Films, SK Films, Discovery Channel, Hawksley Workman, Johnny Hollow, Alicia Cinnamon, Brian Asha
My work involves seeing sound as well as hearing sound: spectrum analyzers allow me to work with utter confidence.  Being able to tune the parameters of visual, real-time display along the various frequency areas is key to my mixing and mastering work.  Voxengo SPAN Plus has the greatest FFT control of any analyzer in my kit - enormously helpful.  For spline work, CurveEQ is a constant fascination while being the key ingredient in many situations.
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