Voxengo OVC-128

128X Clipper Plugin

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New residue monitor update is tremendously helpful.


yo - i just wanna say, this new clipper is blowing my mind and making my songs sound amazing. thank you for making this plugin!
Patrick Megeath

After purchasing your mixing and mastering tools, and others.  My product has improved significantly.  I was having trouble getting airplay before because of sonic reasons.  As stated in previous correspondence if has been a financial hardship but the rewards are starting to pay off, perhaps because I own them I have a little more pride in my work.  After a couple more purchases I will be using Voxengo exclusively.
Tyler Patterson
Andrey Vakhnenko (ANDI VAX, SynSUN)
Sound Producer, Remixer, Composer (Kiev, Ukraine)

I often use Voxengo Crunchessor, LF Max Punch and GlissEQ as super quality and unique instruments.  Recommending them to all who need stable plugins, nice GUI and tons of features which helps to produce music much faster and smarter than before!

Crunchessor is very unique and quality instrument.  We often stuck with numbers but Crunchessor offers a different approach to get the sound you need.  Unique, Stable and low CPU.

LF Max Punch is the final instrument to get those fat big ballsy sound for your low end!  Punch, Drive, Saturate and Compress your instruments and mixes.  Also Mono and Monitor functions are a bless.  And, of course, stability and nice GUI.

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