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The CRTIV Reverb 2 delivers the highest and warmest quality reverb I have ever used.  I have a bunch of vintage rack mounted reverb effects and after using this for live performances on Jamkazam, I don't reminisce anymore.  There are multiple settings which profoundly change the effect with a simple logical interface.  I have been using it for my trumpet playing and I get constant positive remarks on my tone and reverb.  Thanks!

Frank Visconti

I've just bought CTRIV Reverb 2.

Absolutely excellent sound! - very lush and very spacious and just what I was looking for, highly recommended - I've not heard anything quite like it.

It could do with a pre-delay control, and maybe a width control, but you can achieve that by using this with other plugins on a bus - maybe that's coming in CTRIV reverb 3? :D

Dave Rich

I thought I'd drop you a note just to say that I have no negative issues with the plugins.  I like using all the ones I have and love the sound.  I find them easy to use and understand.  The pricing seems very fair to me as well.  I also wanted to especially note the look of the plugs.  I prefer the straight forward layouts as opposed to very elaborate GUI's or emulations of "vintage" looking devices.
Garry Wasyliw
Benjamin Mathieu (Road Studio)
Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer (France)
November Polaroid, Purple Iceberg, Motion Concrete
Voxengo plugins are very helpful in my creation process, they are very precise and creative.  I often use the M/S and EQ plugins on my master channel, it's a great tool to fix problems in the mix and create the sound I want.
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